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Couple of Updates

26 Apr

I don’t think I actually mentioned this on the blog, but when Wanda had her kids, she thought she needed to chew Lainey’s wattle off.  It kind of freaked me out to see her cute wattle a mangled, bloody mess, and I consulted with the vet.  In the picture below it was healing but still scabbed over.

from March 21st

Well, the wattle wasn’t actually killed.  It’s still there.

from April 23rd

And if you look closely, you can see it’s healed enough that it’s starting to get some hair growing on it.


I just keep shaking my head at this one.  Moving on, the green beans I planted as a container crop have grown and now have blossoms!  I’m excited!

green bean blossom

I also had my corn planted last Monday.  Now if only crops were worth anything.

planting corn

After last week’s cold weather, my poor magnolia tree does not look very pretty.  I’m afraid most of the blossoms were frozen.


Finally, I mentioned that I thought Joy might be having oopsie babies.  Well, I’m pretty sure she is due on June 1st.


I went back and checked to see the last time Zeus was out.

She is obviously making an udder, so we’ll just plan on more oopsie babies.  Why not?

Other Stuff Around the Farm

13 Apr

The last week has truly been dominated by kidding, but there are other things going on around here too.  One big thing was my nephew coming and applying anhydrous ammonia to the fields to prepare for the corn to be planted.

It’s ready to go now as soon as the weather returns to more normal temperatures.  You’ll notice my fields are not plowed.  We do no-till farming for everything because it is much better for protecting the soil and preventing run-off.

I am glad my nephew drove the farm equipment through the driveway up there because the road maintenance crew did a really crappy job of not blocking my driveway.  Jerks.

Anyhow, I did get in; although it was pretty hard on the truck driving it over that big bump.  I picked my birdhouse gourds that I had left in the garden to dry overwinter.

I had a pretty decent crop from one little plant.

I drove out the other drive up there.  That was much better.  I also had to bring home a tomato cage.  My experiments in container gardening are progressing, but I might have planted pole beans instead of bush beans.

This should hold them until I can set them out by a trellis or fence.

My snow peas were really begging to be transplanted also.  Poor spindly things.

Somewhere between Hera and Sidney kidding I got them done.

This will hold them until I can get them next to a fence outside.  The garlic is growing.  I do still have some more to plant.  I’ll try a different type of container to see what works best.

My experiment with having the strawberries  overwinter in the house didn’t work so well.  Last fall they started drying up and dying, so I put them on the front porch hoping they’d go dormant and not die.  So far I only have this one pot coming back to life.  Hopefully, they’ll do well and put out a lot of runners, and I’ll try something different.

I also put a pot of plum pits on the porch.  I’m hoping these are trees starting and not weeds, but they are too little for me to be sure yet.  (I’m leaning towards weeds right now.)

I am also working on planting potatoes.  I filled some of the garden bags I made with compost, and I just have to get a layer of potting soil in there and then the potatoes.

I also want to do just a salad bag and see how that works–lettuce, carrot, spinach, radish.  I might even try growing some beets in a bag.  Even though there’s a bit of hay on top, I know it’s good compost and not manure because my dog didn’t try stealing it out of the bag.

I am also potting some of my squash and pumpkin seedlings so they have more room to grow until they can go outside.

It’s been a lot of fun to do some gardening this early in the year.

Finally Harvested

17 Nov

When I came home from work yesterday, they were hard at work harvesting my corn!

I just got here when the combine was filled up and had to go empty into the big grain truck.

However, the truck had just arrived, and they were already emptying the wagon into it.

I love seeing all that corn!

They filled the truck.

Then it left for the elevator.

It wasn’t long before it was back.  They ran into the night trying to beat the rain/snow that was coming.

Luckily, they managed to get done.

The sunset looks pretty amazing over my harvested field.  I am greatly relieved to have this harvest finished.