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A Coat for Tony

9 Dec

Tony is still struggling with his stress and ulcers.  If he’d quit pacing and trolling for lladies it would help.  But he won’t. So I decided to get him a coat.  One day when he was in the Love Shack I decided it was time to get measurements.


He wasn’t happy with that.

But I did manage to get the measurements.

I tried ordering a coat, but I never heard back from them, so I decided to do it myself. I went shopping for materials.  I must say, I was disappointed I couldn’t find any waterproof nylon fabric.  I went with the redneck version–a heavy duty tarp.

But he gets awesome soft llama print fleece for the underside.  Rocky tested it for softness and comfort.  It passed the test.


It’s actually three layers–the outside is the tarp, a layer of quilt batting, and then the nice soft fleece.

Bob was helping with holding the quilt batting down.


Finally I got the binding on it.

Then we had to do some fitting to the llama and got the buckles and straps in place.  I only have a couple of minor flaws in the design, but it will work.

He’s wearing it.

He doesn’t seem to mind it.

There’s a couple of obvious design flaws, but in my defense, it was not a very good pattern.

Anyhow, it should help him stay warm.

Hopefully, I can get rid of the testosterone soon.

Indoor Activities

1 Dec

It’s official.  All five days of my Thanksgiving break have had crummy weather: rain, wind, gloom, and this morning, I woke to snow.

They are big fat wet flakes.  I have no idea how I’m going to have pictures to do blog posts this week.  Hopefully, I can scrape together a couple posts from the few pictures I took on Wednesday.

In the meantime, it’s been a lot of indoor activities.  Mama and I have been having long philosophical conversations.  She’s quite the wise bird.

Mama having breakfast

I finished a scarf that I started last February, and gave it to my mom.  Now I’m working on a new knitting project.

I can’t tell you too much about it because it will be a Christmas gift.

I also have been reading.  My current book is about the father of author Alexandre Dumas.  I had no idea his father was the son of a French aristocrat and a Hatian slave.  He also used his father’s military career as the basis for some of his novels, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers.

Anyhow, I have a reading buddy.  Rocky is always right there when I curl up with my book.


I also decided to try and work on some of the feed bag totes that have been cut out since the middle of the summer.

I still have more cut out to finish, but I got a good start.

I was completely out of the all flock feed, and I’d sold out of the goat feed and scratch grains too.

One afternoon I decided to try to photograph Sky wearing a Santa hat.


That didn’t work well because he doesn’t sit still.  I can’t get far enough away to take his picture either.  He’s plastered to my side.

Maybe the weather will get better and I can try putting it on Pluto.  He’d make an adorable Santa goat.


18 Sep

One of the reasons I had to take a break from canning tomatoes was because of soaping.  I shared that I had sent a bunch of soap and lotion to a store in Des Moines, and that left a lot of empty space on my shelves.

I’m working on filling up those blank spaces.

Last weekend, I made eight batches of soap on Saturday.

I’m also working on keeping up with the milk from the goats.  I am getting just about a gallon a day from the five girls I’m milking.

I have to make lotion.

lotion making and soap making

I got a start over the weekend, but I still have more to make.  I will also get it back on my online market to ship to people.

The small town where I used to go to the farmer’s market is having their fall festival.  I’ll be taking my soaps and lotions there.

It will also be my first opportunity to take other items.  I’ve already sold a few sets of llama balls (for the dryer), so I need to make more and take them.

I’ll also take my knitted dish cloths and coasters.

I’ll also take my rugs.

It will be nice to get to set up and see everyone whom I used to see weekly throughout the summer.