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Monday Leftovers

16 May

I’ve been playing with the camera, and I have a lot of pictures I haven’t shared because it’s also been really busy.  So today is all leftovers!



My crab apple is blooming.

turkey vulture


The bobolinks are back!


lady red-winged blackbird

Baltimore Oriole


This bobolink must be new because he’s awfully shy.

eastern meadowlark

Baltimore Oriole




Tiger turned 1-year-old on May 5th.


A beautiful sunset from last week.

Have a great new week.

Beautiful Spring

11 May

After a very chilly and rainy week, our weekend is looking much better!

I was afraid the crab apple tree had been nipped by the freezing weather, but it must have just been waiting for this weekend.

When I took the pictures Friday evening, the whole thing was buzzing with tons of bees!

Happy bees!

Everyone is happier with sunshine.


Snickers likes lounging outside when the weather is good.


I have more bleeding hearts.

The kids are all growing and doing well.


I think Clark keeps getting more colors and crazy markings every time I look at him.


I have nine girls who are getting ready for June babies.


I am quite grateful for this lovely spring weekend.  Of course, I prepared this post on Friday evening when we had sun and 62ºF and it was supposed to be warm, dry and cloudy on Saturday.  Yeah.  Saturday was drizzle and cool all day long.  So much for my gratitude and a nice weather weekend.

Blossoms and Paws

9 May

We have gorgous blossoms right now.  The magnolia has lost it’s flowers with the heavy winds the last couple of days, but it was beautiful!

Now we have plum trees in full bloom.

The cherry tree is lovely.

The crab apple has opened up today.  I need the wind to go down before I can get any better images.

I also wanted to let you know that Snickers did not break his leg.  It appears he was in a fight and got bit because he had a puncture wound on his foot.  He’s had antibiotics and he’s pretty much back to normal.


The same time, Sky ended up with a paw injury too.  It’s still a little tender, but he’s doing better, and I’m keeping an eye on it.


If I were a betting person, I’d guess they both received their injuries from a certain unwelcome visitor.