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Already Easier

6 Aug

I’ve been doing my blog posts a day ahead of time.  For some reason that’s just how it works out.  I did my post for Saturday on Friday evening.  That morning routine is really how my Saturday morning went.  After lunch, I went to check Purple 11 again.  It wasn’t too hard finding the herd.

After counting several times, I still came up one cow short.

I went looking for Purple 11.  Anyhow, I assumed she was off by herself having a calf.  I had to walk by the cows, and I think they were watching me as closely as I was watching them.

Eventually, I spotted her.

She has a calf that is up and nursing.

I’m not going to get any closer than this, and she actually started leading her baby away from me.  At least I don’t have to check her first thing every morning now.  Honestly, I think it was a couple of days old and she’s just been hiding it from me.  Snooty bovine.

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Winter Neighbors

10 Nov

Now that the fields have been harvested, there are cows surrounding my back forty.


The llamas seem to think they are interesting looking.


Maybeline (back) and Odie (in front) and Llenny

Makes me miss my cows.

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Visiting the Cow Girls

25 Mar

Just before Sallie had her kids, I visited my cow girls, Maxine and Norma Jean.  Although, they are no longer mine.

Norma Jean (back) and Maxine (front)

Norma Jean (back) and Maxine (front)

I sold Norma Jean to my ex-brother-in-law.  Maxine is a bit different.  He gets her, but he can’t sell her.  That way, if she can ever retire without busting through a fence looking for a bull, she can come home.

Red Gelbvieh cow

They are both bred and should have calves next month.

Gelbvieh cow

Of course, I visited right before they were cleaning out the barn and putting down new bedding, so it looks dirty, but it’s hard to keep clean in the spring.  The cows are all looking forward to going out on pasture for the summer.

Sharing with Good Fences even though there’s not much of the fence visible.