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Toddler Photo Shoot: Take Two

5 May

Over the weekend, we decided to try another first birthday photo shoot for Grady. This time, we did it at his farm.

This boy has my heart (and, sadly, my hair).

Just Cows

10 Oct

It was nice Sunday, so I went for a walk in pasture.  I think the cows look like they are enjoying the Back Forty.

Although, the naughty little rump roast didn’t look too sure about me.

Good-bye to an Old Friend

30 Sep

If you haven’t been hanging around here for years, you probably don’t know that I used to have an ox and his companion cow.  After I lost the steer, Maxine went to live with my ex-brother-in-law and  his herd of cows.

She got to spend her last years happy rather than being the only cow here.