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3 Dec

Our weather has continued to be a roller coaster. Friday, it was in the mid fifties.  When I got up this morning it was right as single digits with a negative wind chill.

Perdita and Astra basking in the shelter of the barn

And the winds were howling overnight. We had strong sustained winds with gusts over fifty miles per hour.  That means the winds provided a delicious treat for the goats.

I’ve never seen so many corn stalks blow into the fence and pasture.


Heidi, Hilda and Purl

They truly enjoyed it!

The Week in Pictures

16 Jan

Some scenes from around the farm this week.  A couple of these were on my blog already this week, some are new pictures to the blog, and I believe one is borrowed from Millie’s blog.  I hope you enjoy our beautiful Iowa winter.

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