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Yummy Bedding

23 Dec

My nephew brought out a round cornstalk bale to put in the back part of the barn.  Honestly, it’s to cover the llama poop pile.


Cinnamon was checking it out.

Here comes everyone else!





It seems to be pretty yummy.


9 Dec

We finally have a weekend with better weather.  It’s still a bit colder than average for this time of year, but there’s no rain, snow, or horrible wind, so I’m going to say it’s good.


With this break in the horrible weather, my nephew delivered some cornstalk bales.

That means, I’ve gotten to freshly bed my buck room, greenhouse, and bird coop.


They’re happy now!  You know, because their bedding is yummy to eat.

Caroline and Annie

My nephew is going to try to clean out the cattle lean-to on the barn this week, and then we can bed that down as well.


Then I should be about as ready as I’m going to be for winter (as long as I can get a few more feet done later in the week when it’s supposed to be warmer than average).

Cornstalk Bedding

27 Jan

I was happy to look out the window and see my nephew with a delivery.

Cornstalk Bale

Because of the wet fall, we didn’t get the big lean-to side of the barn cleaned out.  Every time it was nearly dry enough to get in without sliding into the barn, it would rain again.  We did finallly have a couple of days around the end of December that it could have been done, but he left for his honeymoon.  I guess I have to give him that.  The next best thing was bringing in a cornstalk bale and spreading it out.

Bedding goats

Deep bedding them like this will keep them clean and dry.   They’ve never had this kind of bedding before, so they were very interested in checking it out.  You can see a video HERE.



It looks really deep on Reva, but she’s awfully short.



Right now, they also think it’s a yummy snack.

Oh!  This is my 1800th post!