Killdeer in the Pasture

I have been seeing a lot of killdeer in the pasture lately.  I can never get a decent picture.

killdeer silhouette

killdeer over cornfield

flying killdeer

I guess these will do for now.

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A Couple of Country Scenes

Today was a long day, so I’m just sharing a couple of shots of the farm.

farm scene

I did have to smile when I cropped the shot below to get rid of so much cornfield in front.  Only then did I notice the tractor and my nephew getting a new bale for the bovine.

farm scene

An update from my post Cat and Mouse Games:  I came home to find a body.  It was not in the trap.  Evidentially one of the cats got off his lazy butt and took care of the situation, except for the body removal.

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Come Check the Cows with Me

Now that I’m back to work, I’m rushing to get everything done before dark.  Tonight, after I finished with my chores in the barnyard, I went up north to check the cows.

snowy fenceline

I’m glad my bovine are cooperative because I think they could easily hop this fence.

snowy fenceline

By the time I got there, it was really starting to get dark.

winter oak tree

It didn’t take me long to find one of my bovine.

cow and hay ring

Maxine was munching on the hay.  It looks like they still have plenty!  That’s good.

Gelbvieh cow

MJ was just lounging in the shed.  I’ll have to see if my nephew can bring a cornstalk bale next time he has the tractor with the fork on it.  That will make it warmer and more comfortable for them.


They are looking good!   It certainly has been cold.  We still haven’t lost the snow from our blizzard.

winter cornfield

snowy cattle shed sunset

winter oak tree sunset

But that is soon to change.  We’re supposed to warm up into the forties by next week.

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