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24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving.  I am truly grateful that when I came home on Monday, I found that my corn had been harvested.

While I was doing chores, I heard a bird, so I was thrilled when I saw it sitting in my oak tree.

The eagles like to hang out where fields are getting combined because it causes all kinds of little prey to become visible.

Unfortunately, this beauty didn’t like me watching, it finally took off.

But it was amazing to see.

the next evening

And when I came home the next evening, the eagle was back in the same tree.

It still wasn’t a fan of being photographed, but I still took my parting shots.

And it’s a sunset on this year’s crop season.

The First Snowfall

19 Nov

We had our first winter weather event overnight Monday and all the way through Wednesday morning.

Yes, that is my corn still standing and waiting to be harvested.  It’s been a rough fall for anything to get done, but it will happen and all will be good.

The goats were a bit unhappy.  It was a shock to their systems to go from record high overnight temperatures to a record low high temperature on Friday.  The old record was a high of 24° set in 1880.  Our high on Friday was only 22°.

the herd on the bottom


Cutie and Perdita



The llamas were cranky.  Who can blame them?

Maybeline and Odie



I’m not in disagreement.  Although, I think the cold weather should help my allergies.

Miss Goose

Except now I’m feeding more hay.  Sigh… But I’m also glad we didn’t get six feet of snow.  And it’s supposed to be a much more normal week coming up.

The Short Days

7 Nov

This time of year with its long nights tends to lend itself to reflecting on life.  It’s been a rough last month or so, and I am tired.


my barn

the corn waiting to be harvested

the trees are bare

Sidney, Hera, Maisie, and Dolly at sunset–the sunset is moving south in the pasture.

I am actually looking forward to the cold and dark this winter. I need the rest.