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Work on Break

27 Nov

I’ve decided the good weather this Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time for me to get caught up on hooves.


So far, I’ve managed to do twenty-nine sets of hooves.

Ostara followed her mom in, so she got hers done too!

That’s a good thing.

Moose was a pain, but they are done.

I still have more to get done.

Wanda is going to be a challenge to catch.

Hopefully, I can get most of them done before our next cold front comes through because I don’t like exposing that new hoof to the frozen ground. In the evenings, I did some knitting.

I look like an old woman with my cat and blanket and knitting.

Of course, I had my helpers.

Herbie trying to help; Rocky supervising from the bean bag.

I did finish the shawl I started quite a while ago.

I like how it turned out.

Another task I tackled over the long Thanksgiving was doing some yard work and cleaning the garden up.

The weather was nice enough to take the Ranger out.

Well, I finally pulled the tomato cages.  That’s about it.

You can hardly see them for all the weeds.

But it’s ready for winter, and whatever that might bring, now that harvest is done.  I really like seeing this–my field harvested and you can see the curves of contour planting (another way to help protect the soil from erosion).

harvested corn field

I think I managed to get a lot done this break.

Just a Few Pictures

11 Nov

Well, I will say the time change makes it hard to get out and enjoy taking pictures in the evenings.  These are actually leftovers from last weekend.





Sky and Bob


Miss Goose


sunset over the corn field



Hopefully, we’ll have good weather this weekend and I’ll have a chance to get out.

Friday’s Photodump

14 Oct

More of the farm, healthy goats and the other animals. Because they make me smile.


The corn is dying down.


Flora rubbing in the dirt

Miss Goose

Maybeline and Odie


Herbie–I wonder why my plants have problems.


And as a bonus image, I took this on my way back from the sale barn last Saturday.  I just like it–a country church with the truck, frost where the sun was blocked by the church and lots of blue sky.

Union Chapel Church

For some reason, I just like this picture.