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It’s Starting to Look Like Fall

5 Oct

This time of year, I really wish I had trees whose leaves turned brilliant colors.  Alas, mine generally just fade into brown.

Same tree a few days later (and Tony has moved between these two images) an a lot more brown.

Tony in the back, Xerxes and Aurora in front

Cinnamon under the tree

Luckily, I found some brightly colored leaves at my dad’s house!

I still have some splashes of color on my farm.  The flicker provides some.

northern flicker

The mallow is still going strong.  It doesn’t mind a cold, fall rain.  If we don’t get a hard freeze, it will keep blooming until Thanksgiving.

My corn is turning, but there’s still lots of bright green in the buffer strip.

I even managed to get a mini pumpkin from my garden!

Of course, Sky is my assistant photographer.  Boy, is he a great help!

I love this time of year.


4 Jun

My nephew noticed that the one acre field of sweet corn planted at my mom’s had damage and worms.  We sent it with his uncle who works for a farm coop, and he identified the type of worm and said we better spray immediately, or it would be too late to save the field.  Then they found the same type of worms in one of his dad’s fields that had been an alfalfa hay field last year.  We decided to check my new field.

We figured it would be best to check a couple of different places, so it made a good excuse for Mom, nephew Jeremy and me to hop in the Ranger and ride around for a while.  We looked at a couple of places on the edge of the field and then went through the waterway.  Here is what we saw.

Beautiful corn plants.  We did not find a single worm.  They are looking great.  You can see below that the spray we used is killing the pasture grasses.  It’s making it easier to see the pattern.  Can you see how the rows curve?  That’s the contour farming.

Do you think the corn will be knee high by the 4th of July?

Just because I like the pictures…

Do you think the bee is finding what he’s looking for?