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We’ll Have Lots of Kids

18 Oct

I don’t think I mentioned, but I did decide not to put Onyx in with a buck.  We’ll see if she grows any more.

Pluto, Onyx, Coral (Gidget and Popcorn behind)

It has been quite the busy couple of days out here.

Xerxes and his girls

I think my shots I gave the girls brought almost all of them into heat.


It’s still weird looking out and seeing Xerxes in the barnyard.  I’m not used to that.

Xerxes enjoying the salt block

We’ll have lots of babies.  I think Margarita and Caroline are the only two with Xerxes who didn’t come into heat.


I think Purl is the only one with Freddie I didn’t definitely see in heat; although, as wet as her tail is, she might have been bred.  Yes, she’s still spending a lot of time on top of that feeder.


I’m not sure about Benji’s girls.  He’s not an older, experienced buck, so that makes it harder for me to tell, but I think all but 2TC came into heat.

Chiffon, Trace, 2TC, and Benji

I’ll keep an eye on everyone to see who setttles or might come into heat in three weeks, but there will be a lot of kids in March.  Now, I just need to get everyone separated again.

Still Cleaning Up

28 Jul

Of course, July is very hot, so that seems like the best time to do work outside. Right? My dad is cleaning up some of the downed trees in the pasture because he needs dry wood for the winter.


I’m kind of struggling with this because I get really persnickity about my pasture.  I can’t help it.  I’m trying, but change is hard.

Then he had a bit of time, so he came out and we tackled the walnut tree that was downed in west side of my barnyard during last year’s derecho.

We got it taken care of!

It’s quite the change for the goats.

checking it out


I’m sure Purl is not happy with it being gone.

Purl with her feet up on all that’s left of her tree

All that’s left is to get the logs picked up and burn the scrub stuff.

Tasting my scrub brush pile–notice Purl looking like this is not right

It’s still a nice napping area.



Of course, with the drought, it will be a while before I burn anything.

The Rest of the Herd

13 Apr

I’m going to be completely honest here and say that the rest of the goat herd has been horribly neglected.  I’ve made sure their water tubs are full and I’ve tried to get a good count on them everyday.  Other than that, I’ve been consumed with getting kids here, keeping track of kids, rain, allergies, and just trying to get through.  Sunday, despite the allergies, I went out to check everyone.

All 22 on the Back Forty

I started doing another round of copper at the start of kidding because Popcorn was looking really bad.


He’s better now, but I haven’t been able to get everyone done (for all the reasons listed above).  It’s obvious some of them were seriously in need of the copper even though they had it just about six weeks ago.

Cupid is supposed to have orange spots.

That has become my priority–allergies or not.


Coral gave me kisses, and I checked her eyes.  She’s really anemic.


Pluto was sweet.


I have to say, Purl was a bit standoffish.  Look how big she’s getting!

Hilda and Purl

All of my progress (what tiny bit there was) with Tansy has been lost.  She’s totally wild again.


I’m hoping to get the two groups back together again next weekend.  That will be better.