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Time for Copper

21 Oct

I am giving all the goats another round of copper.  As bad as they were, I don’t think it will hurt to give it to them a month early.


I think the peanut butter and pill hidden in a peanut shell worked well, so that’s the plan again this time.

I really want to make sure the girls who are getting bred have copper for their babies because I don’t want to lose anymore babies.  I know most of my greedy goats will gobble down the peanuts.


Although, I know I’ll have a few that won’t cooperate.

This time, I’m prepared!  I have a pill pusher that is actually made to hold the capsule I’m using.  It doesn’t fall out, and the thing is spring loaded!

This made things so much easier!  I did manage to get all but 2 1/2 adults to take the copper in treats (LilyAnn spit half of hers out), and Zeus did too.


I’m really glad I didn’t have to push it down Margarita with the scar tissue in her throat.  She still sounds kind of like Wolfman Jack.


I had to use the pusher on the three March girls, but it was easy!


I am so glad it went well this time.  I’m definitely going to keep pushing the peanuts as treats.  We’re good for another six months.


Treating the Herd

16 May

It has been a great relief to find out what is wrong with my herd.  I took some of the hay from my bottom to be analyzed, and the results were surprising.  Remember, I said the average ppm (parts per million) of copper in my county is 16.7.  My hay came back as 1 ppm.

It’s no wonder my poor babies have been struggling lately.  Seriously, I have been very frustrated the last several years.  I have goat specific minerals coming, and I hope that will be enough to keep the rest of my kids safe.


But my copper capsules arrived for the big goats on Monday!

I gathered everything together and prepared to give the capsules to the goats.

Of course, since I ordered them before I knew the dosage, I had to divide them in half.  It was interesting to see the little copper rods that fill the capsules.

Then I used the idea from one of my goat sisters (Thank you, Tracy!) to get most of the goats to eat them without any fuss or muss.

Peanut butter was the perfect glue to put the peanut back together with the capsule in it.

Although, it was a bit of a mess.


Dolly was my first to try it, and most really did do well.  I have done most of my pregnant goats and the ones in the worst shape done.


There are probably a few more I can get them down tonight, but then I need someone to help me with the last few because we’re going to have to use a pill pusher with them.  I should start to see a difference in their health within a few weeks.