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It’s Been a While

10 Jul

It’s been a while since I played musical critters and moved everyone around.  Friday evening, I sorted off the March babies that are getting sold.

My nephew loaned me his truck and helped me load kids Saturday morning, and they left the farm.

When I got back, I started all my moving.  When Aurora came out for her feed, I let her in the north paddock.


There was only one problem with that.  Harley is a greedy pig.

Harley eating Auror’s feed

While all the goats were out in pasture, I haltered Tony and walked him around.


We went out the little gate into the driveway.  Fionn was sad he didn’t get to join us.


The greeting committee was there when we got to the big red gate into the barnyard.

Odie (back), Maybeline, and Tony

Everything was going well.

Then Buster showed up and decided he wanted to fight.  Seriously?  I whipped the halter off Tony and wrestled with Buster until he figured out I was not going to let him go fight.  Then I haltered him.  He got put in llama jail (with the bucks).

Fionn and Buster

When the goats came up from pasture, it was time for the next step.  I closed everyone off the front pasture.

Then I let the bucks and Buster out.  Fionn and Xerxes were thrilled to be out where there was more green stuff to eat.

Xerxes, Fionn, and Buster behind

Buster just wanted to go find Tony and fight.

Tony wasn’t too concerned.  He was just enjoying the green stuff.

I opened the gate to the Back Forty.  It took Cookie all of about thirty seconds to notice and take Jimmy P out there with her.

Cookie and Jimmy P

After nearly three weeks without anyone on it, the grass is growing back on Dead Tree Hill.  That’s a good thing.


Pretty much everyone but Tony made their way out to pasture.  Tony was just chillaxing and enjoying himself.

I had to wait for everyone to be out of the barnyard before I could bribe Aurora to join the bucks on the front pasture. Although, she was perfectly content up north.  I just need to make sure it doesn’t get overgrazed because phase II of the moving around is weaning three girls so I can milk their moms.

Finally, Buster and the boys were in places I could shut them out of the barnyard, and Tony was on the other side of the barnyard, so I could block that.  I opened the north gate and Aurora wandered right down to the front pasture.  Whew.  Aurora will stay on the front pasture with Buster and the bucks until I am convinced she’s 110% back to good health.

Tony finally made it out to pasture late in the evening.

Once I get those three kids weaned, I don’t plan on moving anyone until I get to let Aurora back in to make a cria or until I am ready to make next year’s spring break kids.  Whew!



25 Jun

I am still undefeated at hide-and-goat-seek so far this year.  That’s a good thing, and round two was really starting to make me wonder.  I have everyone on the front pasture yet, which is small, but the grass is crazy thick and tall for kids to try to walk around.

Sidney and Pandora

They get tired and take a quick nap, and then they are stuck there until mom (or I) comes to get them.  You’ll never guess who has done the best at keeping track of her kid–Zinnia!  She is a brand new mom, but she is amazing at keeping track of him (and someday I might actually name him).

Zinnia behind her nameless buck

Dolly left her boys somewhere.  She tried helping me find them, but she’s not really feeling herself–age, crappy weather, raising kids, and the remnants of copper defiency issues.  It was up to me to find them.


I spent seventy minutes trapsing through the pasture, focusing on the top where I had seen the goats.  Finally, in a last ditch effort, I went farther down, and there they were!  I carried them back up and gave them to a grateful Dolly.

Pluto and Anubis (sorry for the crappy cell phone picture)

The next day, I was mowing my yard, so all the kids ended up down in pasture.  By the time I finished mowing, the only one that was not accounted for was Jimmy P.  I waited until after chores and milking and it was starting to get late, and I finally decided Cookie was not going to find him.


I told everyone to let me know if they saw him, and this time I started on the bottom of the pasture.  I worked my way from one side to the other, and I was close to being done when I heard a kid.  It was Victoria’s girl, Freya.  It was her first time in pasture, and she got separated from mom.  I just scooped her up and kept looking for Jimmy P.


When I finished and still hadn’t found him, I was getting ready to head back to the top, but Casey (Cookie’s triplet brother) had left the herd and was standing at attention.  He looked like he was staring at something.  I went to the corner where he was looking and was going to work my way towards him.  About that time, Freya was tired of being carried and started yelling.  Then I heard another kid–this time it was Jimmy P, right where Uncle Casey told me to look.


I dropped Freya off with her mom and took Jimmy P to his mom, and everyone made it back up to the barnyard from the pasture.

Cookie and Jimmy P

Well, Dolly’s boys were still sleeping in pasture, but I knew exactly where they were.  Anyhow, the final score so far is Farmer Teresa 5; goats 0.  Luckily, it will only be another week or so before the kids are big enough to keep up.




A Day to Kid

19 Jun

Father’s Day was going to be busy.  Not only did we still have horribly hot temperatures, but I was still checking my last three girls left to have kids.  On top of that, I was supposed to join my family for Father’s Day lunch at my dad’s house and then go to a baby shower for an honorary niece.  That means that just as I was getting ready to leave for my dad’s house, Cookie got down to business.

Cookie and Jimmy P

I put her up north with Sidney and Harley, and she kept working, but didn’t seem to make progress. I finally decided her sagging stomach muscles (she’s retiring this year) meant she couldn’t get the baby pushed out, so I pulled him.  He really didn’t want to come out.  I pulled and pulled and pulled and finally sat on the ground and pulled, and he finally came out and landed in my lap.  So much for the shower I had just taken.  Meet Jimmy P.  I figure if I show up for lunch forty-five minutes late, the least I can do is name the kid after my dad.

Then my sister and her boyfriend and my nephew came back out to the farm, and we caught Tony.  On Saturday he was open-mouth breathing, and I was going to put him into the garage where it is air conditioned, but he ran when I went to catch him, and I didn’t think that would help with the heat.

Since I had help, we caught him; although, Maybeline and Buster talking to him was more help than anything else.  We led him into the garage, and he is in there until this horrible heat and humidity breaks.

Then we went to the baby shower and got to see all kinds of adorable pink things for the baby, who is going to be named Freya.  Can you guess where this is going?  I stayed as long as I could, but I just had to come check everyone.  I was surprised to find that Victoria had come back up from pasture and had given birth.

She has a beautiful baby girl.  Since I was at a baby shower for Freya (a norse mythology name), I thought I should name the kid in honor of the baby.  So meet Freya.

Finally, I checked Tony, and he seemed to have settled down happily munching hay.

He was watching kids in the other garage stall, where I have my kid daycare.  Seriously, I need less livestock in the garage.

Dolly’s boys have names! Pluto and Anubis

Eve, Enkidu, and Horus

Then I was off to the Back Forty to check Zinnia.  I found her far along in having her kid.

There was no going back to the barnyard at this point.  That stuff hanging looked like the individual baby bag, which means he needed to be out soon.

I called my mom and had her get my nephew and said to bring me a collar and the Ranger.  Zinnia tried pushing while we waited.

She also went down to under this particular tree which I call the summer barn.

(From this point on, we’ll have a gap in pictures; although it would be amusing to see).  My mom and nephew finally arrived, and I caught Zinnia and felt for feet.  They were there and big.  The bag was broken, so I knew I needed to get him out as soon as possible.  My nephew held Zinnia for me.  I worked to finish opening her up (new moms) and getting both feet in position.  When she pushed, she moved the head down and I lost one hoof.  I got both feet and the head in position and realized I forgot to request a towel.  If you’ve ever tried pulling a kid without a towel or something, it’s not easy if it is not an easy pull.  They are slimy and your hands just slide off. I whipped off my tank top and used it to hold on to feet.  I pulled, and then I worked to open her up and pulled and kept working.  Finally, the face was out, and I just had to get that new mom skin pulled over his head, and out he came!  He was none too lively, so it’s a good thing we got him out when we did.

I checked, and there were no more kids.  We let her rest a few minutes, and then we loaded her onto the Ranger, in front of the seat with me in the middle holding her horns; my mom was in the passenger seat with the baby; and my nephew was driving.  Yes, I was still shirtless because it was totally covered in slime and blood, and my mom had wrapped it around the baby like a towel.  We slowly drove through the pasture and around the corn field and out onto the road.  As we pulled into my driveway, I waved to the neighbor on his riding mower.  What else can you do?  Then we got Zinnia settled into the north paddock.

They are both doing well.

I still need to find one last mythological name.  And I am doing kidding for 2018!