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Dangit, Milo!

11 Aug

Milo and Addie were both likely to get their heads stuck.  Once I caught Milo and put him up north, he kept getting his head stuck, but not as often.  When I finally put him down south, he quit getting his head stuck.

Freddie, Milo, and Xerxes

That’s why I didn’t bother to try and figure out how to catch the wild thing to sell on Saturday.

Then, Saturday night, he got stuck.

He got stuck on Sunday.  He fights me every second of getting his head unstuck.  That means I’m nearly strangling him several times before I actually get his head out.  But he still keeps putting it through.  I’m now wishing I had hauled him down and sold him last weekend.

Not even a thank you before running away (Freddie watching).

And before anyone tells me that’s why they won’t have goats with horns, I had to literally cut Cookie’s head out of the fence on Saturday evening also. (I thought about making her wait for me to get the camera and take a picture, but I decided to be nice.)


Don’t even ask me how she does that, but it’s not the first time I’ve had to do that.

A Season for Preserving Food

7 Aug

I swear all I’ve done the last couple of weeks is prepare food for the winter.

That includes a lot of mozzarella cheese for me and the family.  I still have to do mozzarella sticks.  I’m also making chevre.

I have plenty of sweet corn frozen.

Some of the goats have taken advantage of my corn shucks being tossed out. Everyone else was still out in pasture.

Dolly and Cookie

Cookie in particular has been good about coming up early to sneak a treat.

My tomato plants are dying; I lost a lot to rot from the hail; I am picking them early to preserve every drop of liquid in them, but I am working on canning the tomatoes that are left.

I have cold pack tomatoes.

I am making sauce for the family now.

I have also been chopping and freezing okra and hot peppers.  This year I decided to try canning my roasted beets with a honey rosemary glaze instead of freezing them.

I just need the Habanero peppers to turn orange so I can make my son’s salsa.

Just as I finish this summer canning, I’m going to move on to the fall stuff because I’m seeing orange in the garden.

I think I might be ready for the first frost this year.

Some of the Gang

31 Jul

Just some leftovers from the last week.


Penelope on the brush pile with Addie coming to join her

This is how Bob has spent pretty much every day this summer.



Freddie waiting for head scratches or peanuts

one of the peacocks

Six and Fannie (who is very close to getting a horn apparatus attached)

the ganders

Chiffon, Venus, and Cookie




I am working on kicking the geese out of the chicken building.


the young hens are getting braver


I know it’s kind of a photo overload, but I had a lot of leftovers this week.