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This and That

23 Aug

The Nugget

The nugget is getting big.  I’m still going to insist that the chick has to be a girl (not that I really have a clue yet).  I think it’s safe to say that, even though mama is a Phoenix hen, the egg donor was a barred rock.

The phoenix chickens and the peacocks like to roost in the rafters at night.

I don’t know how mama got her little nugget up there.

But she managed to get it down in the morning too.  I’m impressed.

The Garage.

When I was at work on Friday, another load of dirt got hauled in and added to the front of the garage.  I think I will actually be able to get the Ranger in and out without having to use the all-wheel drive once the gravel gets spread over there.  I can hardly wait until it’s done!

The Rain.

It might be a while until they can do more work because we had another surprise rain Sunday morning and it rained on Monday too.  The mallow is really looking happy with the rain though.

The Calf.

The calf nursing is Purple 11’s baby that was born here.  He’s already getting big!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Tour

13 Feb

This week, Ashley has given us the following items for Scavenger Hunt Sunday: details, discover, pieces, daily scene, and where I stand.

Shall we take a tour of the garage and see what we can discover?


SOOC Garage

When you enter, you’ll notice I have walls!  That’s very exciting.  The room to the right is my milk room.   You can only get to it from the outside or soap room.  The wall in front of the garge is the soap room.  To the left is the buck room.


The buck room is mostly done.  It has the farm’s youngest bucks in it right now (along with their mom, Pistol, and great-aunt Muffin).  This is the daily scene in here–two bucks curled up next to the warmth of the heated bucket.

goat kids_1684ews

Tommy and PJ

There is a garage stall where the Ranger is parked.  My dear nephew brought his truck and we hauled some hay from up north.  That way it’s a lot easier to do chores and I don’t have to carry hay through my soap room.


If we go into the soap room, we still have pieces of construction stuff all over the place.

Soap Room_1693ews

On the north half, there’s the door to the milk room and the other door leads back into the garage.

milk room_1688ews

I love this little detail!  It is the heater.  It works like a charm!


When I stand facing south, you can see the window where there will eventually be an air conditioner (hopefully before it’s hot).

Soap Room_1694ews

The window is where I stand to fit this prompt.  I do think there’s a pretty nice veiw from there.

window reflection_1696ews

window view_1699ews

I hope the next time I share the soap room progress, it will be a celebration of its completion!

If you’d like to join in Friday’s Hunt, there’s still time, and I have the items for this week’s hunt listed in my sidebar.

I’m also sharing with SOOC Sunday.

Another Scavenger Hunt Sunday

9 Jan

The items for the first Scavenger Hunt Sunday of the year are:  new, red, breakfast, simple, and circle.

Breakfast.  I do not eat my cats for breakfast, but I do fix an egg for Snickers every morning.  He hasn’t been feeling well, though, and he thought the flower water made a better breakfast.



He’s been on antibiotics for a few days, and he’s doing better.


I’m not sure how much he’ll improve though.  My secret thought is that the cancer in his mouth is spreading.  It’s been almost four years since he first had problems with it, and he’s been amazingly healthy and happy throughout this time.

cat paws_9999ews

I do hope the antibiotics are all he needs to improve for another four years, but I’m not very optimistic.

Simple:  I found a simple solution to the problem of the bowl of dog food and peanuts blowing off the table.  I set it down out of the wind.  The birds seem to be happy, but it’s not very good for pictures.  I guess with our frigid temperatures, feeding the birds is more important than me getting to take pictures.


Red.  Since I’m on the subject of birds, here’s a couple with red on them.



New.  We’re still working on the new soap room.  It’s slow.  I want it done.

milk room_0152ews

Circle.  Progress is still being made though.

circle light_0149ews

I really can’t wait for it to be done.

It’s not too late to join me on Friday’s Hunt.  You can check it out and enter here.

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