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24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving.  I am truly grateful that when I came home on Monday, I found that my corn had been harvested.

While I was doing chores, I heard a bird, so I was thrilled when I saw it sitting in my oak tree.

The eagles like to hang out where fields are getting combined because it causes all kinds of little prey to become visible.

Unfortunately, this beauty didn’t like me watching, it finally took off.

But it was amazing to see.

the next evening

And when I came home the next evening, the eagle was back in the same tree.

It still wasn’t a fan of being photographed, but I still took my parting shots.

And it’s a sunset on this year’s crop season.

In the Pasture

1 Nov

We had really beautiful weather this weekend.  I took advantage of that do go spend some time in pasture and through my corn field.



red-bellied woodpecker

goats on the bottom

There’s no water in the ditch (Maisie and Venus)

eating in the rough (Reva, Athena and Sidney)


Tree swallow on the electric line–I don’t usually see them.

But there were three of them!


walking by the corn

corn–the ears are small this year

I saw a hawk!

taking off from the tree

the neighboring field getting combined

It really was beautiful!

The Calendar

9 Nov

I have finished my calendar for next year, and I am especially happy with the variety to this one.

Odie, Aurora, and Maybeline


Chiffon’s boys: Nestle and Sonny


Hera and Gidget


In fact, it might be my favorite one so far.

Edited:  Due to interest in people wanting the calendar, I am adding a LINK that I think will let you purchase the calendar directly from Shutterfly.