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Too Much to Handle

12 Mar

I have to say, kidding has been overall good this round, but there are three things that have really made it more challenging.  First is the German Shepard puppy in my kitchen.  He’s a very good puppy, but our colder weather the last couple of days has made it a challenge.  We go outside and he’s shivering in no time at all.


He needs to go out and run and play, and I’ve been busy with the goats.

When I’m in the barnyard, he could go play, but he’s usually just sitting there waiting for me.

It’s been a challenge to give him attention and keep working on the house training. For some reason, we go outside for an hour and when we come back in the first thing he does is pee on the pad.  Sigh…

The second thing is the kitten.  I told you Rocky is a monster.  Well, he’s that friend who has all the fun ideas that get you in trouble.  (That might have something to do with Puppy Rule #2.)

Rocky and Sky

He instigates.  He antagonizes.  He goads the puppy on.  I’m also worried the puppy is going to treat him like just another rag toy to shake around.  They drive me crazy.

Now Rocky just came back from the vets.  They wouldn’t keep him all week even though I told them it would make my life easier (I probably could have boarded him, but it was a bit excessive to recover from surgery).

So Rocky, the very social kitty, is shut upstairs so he can recover from surgery without wrestling with a puppy.  He whines.  He cries.  He tries to open the door.  It’s all very melodramatic.

He’s not even alone.  He has Leo (remember, he moved up there after Sky came to join us on the farm).


Then there’s Fred.  Fred is a sweet bottle kid.  He loves dancing and his bottle.  I hobbled together a pen in the living room after putting down a layer of plastic (because there’s a German Shepard puppy in my kitchen).

Fred and Snickers

He is a herd animal though, and he lost his friend.  I’m afraid Squishy didn’t make it.  (Too much fluid he couldn’t clear out of his lungs after his difficult birth.)  Goats need company.

Every time I tried to feed Fred and spend a few minutes with him, I had jealous puppy issues.  I couldn’t do it.  I took Fred to the sale barn yesterday and sold him as a “Crazy Goat Lady Starter Kit” complete with some milk and a bottle.  He was bought by a young couple who looked quite happy to have him.

My life will be a tiny bit easier now.

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Looking for a Llama

11 Apr

It’s generally not a good sign when you see a wake of vultures over the pasture.  They were feeding on the remains of a goose that a coyote got.



I’ve decided I need to devote some time and energy to finding another llama to be a guardian of the herd.

cat in grass


No matter how diligent Bob is, I’m not sure how my little livestock guardian cat would fare against a coyote.

orange tabby cat

I went to the sale barn today.  They had a huge assortment of animals (even laying hens), but do you think they had a llama?

Calves being unloaded

pot-bellied pigs

Goat at sale barn




Nope, so I’m still looking for a llama.

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Otis and Odin Leave the Farm

17 Mar

I didn’t plan on bottle kids, and three was a bit overwhelming.  I don’t have enough milk in my freezer to raise all three.  They were constantly under my feet and in danger of getting trampled while I was doing chores.  They are young and cute and might get a home as pets.  I took Otis and Odin to the sale barn today.  After I unloaded them, while they were still in the unloading area, I gave them a bottle.

They were there for a little bit, and then they were moved to the holding pens.  Otis looks like he’s about to get his bottle squished out of him, but Odin looks like he’s just hanging out.

They were really good to my kids.  They had an entire pen by themselves so they wouldn’t get picked on.  Since they had just had bottles, they took a nap.

Bottle kids don’t go through the sale like most animals.  Most of them run in to get away from the people when the doors open.  Bottle kids just want to stay with the people, so they get carried in.  They weighed thirty pounds together.

They just explore their way through the sale.

I love you Otis and Odin.  I hope you have a good home.

Here are some of the other animals I saw down there.

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