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The Last Batch

26 Sep

Friday evening, I caught the last batch of kids.

Some of the boys

I had all eight of them shut in the greenhouse.

Jasmine and Sunshine

Then I turned around and saw Thunder had escaped.


I have no idea how.  Ivy looks like she wishes she could have escaped too.


I decided to leave Thunder with his mom until morning.  My plan was to catch him still snuggled with his maa when I came out to milk.

Sidney with her boy, Thunder.

Well, when I came out to milk, he and his brother were already on high alert with their mom.  Brats.  It took some work, but I caught them both, and as punishment, they had to wait on the truck until my nephew came to load everyone else out.

Lightning in front; Thunder in back

So, all eight kids got loaded and sold yesterday morning.

It’s bittersweet to see the kids leave, but mostly it’s a relief.  Fewer animals during the end of summer wormy season is a good thing.

More Kids Leave

13 Sep

Friday evening, I worked to catch more kids.  I finally got ten goats penned for Saturday morning load out, but they are getting harder to catch.

Kids penned and other kids checking them out.

Of course, the first goat I managed to catch was Sylvia.  I really thought about keeping her, but I’m tired of goats who won’t let me touch them, so I did load her.

Sylvia and her twin sister Simone

I also caught Jack, who was born in June, the boys from up north, Simone, Gemma, Pinta, and Greta.   They made a pretty full load.

Popcorn always likes load out day because he comes out into the driveway and eats.  This boy is spoiled.


Anyhow, I put Popcorn back in the barnyard and headed for the sale barn.

I arrived at a good time because there was just two trailers in front of me (there was a longer line when I left), so I didn’t have to wait long at all.

Of course, every time I looked in the rear view mirror all the way down, I got to see cute little Sylvia. Dang brat.

I backed up to the chute, and had them unloaded before they came to help me, and I was on my way again.

I thought I’d try milking Cutie since I took both of her girls, but she really doesn’t have much milk.  She’s looking a bit run down, so she is not getting milked.

Cutie Pie

Zinnia is not letting her girl nurse since I sold Jack.  She has a decent amount of milk, so I’ll milk her too, to help fill up my freezer.  It was a good thing to get the kids sold. I have one more trip of kids from this year.

Saying Bye to the Bucklings

15 Aug

We’ve hit the time of year when the hormones are kicking in.

Hilda and Xerxes (sorry for the bad picture; it was getting dark)

That means I needed to get rid of a lot of little bucks.


Their moms really need a break.

Chiffon is getting thin.

I penned nine of them Friday evening.

Nestle (one of Chiffon’s boys)

Aladdin was being difficult, and I couldn’t catch him, so I tried again in the morning and was successful. That makes ten bucks to go.

My nephew came out, and we loaded them into the truck.

They left the farm.

Ruby has been here way longer than I planned; Victoria behind

Next week, I’ll try to take a bunch of girls.