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Brigit’s Waiting Too

2 Apr

Brigit was standing in the barnyard staring longingly out to pasture waiting for warm days and sunshine.  Sadly, she’ll have a long wait as our long range forecast is predicting temperatures about fifteen to twenty degrees below our historical average every single day.


Wait.  Brigit isn’t old enough to know about warm weather and sunshine.  All she’s known in her life is this miserable cold.  She must have been waiting for her mom to come up from pasture.

Brigit (Myson, Moose, Annie, Caroline, Toffee, and Harley)

Hopefully, she’ll get her mom and warm weather soon.


The Second Half of Winter

11 Feb

We made it through the first half of a rough winter.  It was mostly bitter cold, and that trend of below average temperatures is continuing.

Now we’ve also added some snow.  We’ve had several rounds of snow in the last week.

It’s beautiful.

Nobody wants to go out to pasture.  They are more into standing around

or hanging out in the barn.

Margarita and Buster

Maggie, Margarita, and Maybeline

It certainly isn’t helping with my need to go through less hay though.

It also makes it more challenging to do chores.

Moose, Reva and Mary (behind)

I actually had to dig out my snow shovel.

Sky was very helpful with that.



The Well Guys Were Here

7 Feb

What was Noelle watching out the window?


The well guys were here!

They pulled the pipes and wires and pump and replaced everything.

I felt horrible watching them work out in the cold.

When they finished, we put the board back on and stapled the tarp down again.

Then I started the heater.  It took it a while to warm up.  There was still snow on the floor when the air temperature half way up was at 45*F.

It takes even longer for the water lines to thaw out.  It might be a couple of days before they are thawed again.  We didn’t put the fuse in that powers the pump, since there’s no point in filling the tank to freeze.

Unfortunately, one of the water valves broke, but I guess you just keep working and repairing things until it’s functional again.  But we’re one step closer to having things working again!