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Signs of Spring

27 Mar

We are cold this weekend.  And we have more crazy cold, warm, cold, rain-and-snow mix weather coming all week, so I am looking for spring wherever I can find it. Probably the most obvious proof that spring is here is eggs–my goose has started laying.

little too big for the carton

Bob is with me.  He wants to be outside.


He looks happy out there rolling in the sun, shielded from the wind by the house.

“If you’d quit bringing kittens home, I’d still be napping in the house.” -Bob

There are robins everywhere!  This one obviously did not want to be a model, but you can see there’s green in the grass as he/she was fluttering around.


Speaking of green, I can see green in the pasture!  Granted, I didn’t make it any closer because the wind was horrible and my face was freezing, so I went back to the house.

And Lemuel is eating every bit of green grass he can as soon as it is comes up in the pen. Hopefully, I can move them back to the front pasture soon.

Lemuel (keeping his eyes on me so that I don’t try to come any closer)

A cardinal!


Okay, the cardinal is not a sign of spring. They are here year-round, but he was way more cooperative than the robin, so I’m sharing him too.

Babies! Kids in pasture are a sure sign of spring.

Hera with her kids, Lady and Tramp

There’s also blue skies.  Although, again, the squirrel looks as cold as I felt.

squirrel eating last summer’s walnuts

But the sun is moving north, and the days are longer. I got out there too close to the real sunset to be able to get a good shot.  Dang.


I am so ready for real warmth and spring days.

Final Kidding Prep

8 Mar

We are cold this week. The weekend is looking downright frigid.

Bubbles is due on the 13th–when it’s still cold after a frigid night.


That means, she is in the garage with my two old ladies and Antigone.

Coral in the garage


I’m also planning on putting the other girls over there to kid as well.  My garage.  It so seems more like an additional barn most times.


I am glad it’s there and insulated though.  I can let them out and check them throughout the day and shut them in overnight.

More Moving Goats

26 Jan

The cold broke just in time for the weekend.  That’s good because I needed the three days of cold (as opposed to brutal cold) to make a couple more adjustments in where goats were located.

Zinnia finally came into heat and got bred, so she and Joy could go back to the main herd.  Honestly, I was also looking forward to going back to milking in my nice warm milk room instead of the garage.


I also hate having goats alone, and Freddie was by himself.  I needed to put him and Xerxes together again.


The only question was where and how. I really didn’t think the two mean bucks should get the warmest accommodations on the farm when I have old ladies who are struggling with surviving the winter.

Victoria shivering after the last cold snap ended.

So Saturday morning I decided to trust that Xerxes would just follow me through the barnyard to the north pen.  But I always move bucks when the rest of the herd is out in pasture, and that isn’t going to happen for another six weeks probably.

Myson, Chiffon and Moose–no reason to go out in the snow

I got just a little corn and went to the west side of the barnyard and tossed it around.

Rosie and Tansy searching for the last kernel.

All the goats but Coral and Dolly ended up over there.  I tied a panel across the barn door and just left those two girls.

Dolly and Coral on the east side of the barnyard

Xerxes is such a good boy (As long as I don’t try to touch him)!  He followed me right out the garage door.

He did pause by the little gate into the barnyard because my dog was going crazy barking at him.


But he decided grain was worth walking past a barking dog.  Then he went right in the north paddock.  He and Freddie acted like they hadn’t been separated for the last two weeks. Thank goodness because I’m tired of fighting goats.

Xerxes and Freddie

Zinnia and Joy followed at a more cautious pace.  They were disappointed they didn’t get grain too, but they got it at milking time.

Joy and Zinnia

Then I wrangled Flower over to the buck room.  She really dropped weight during the last cold spell.


She was followed by Coral.


Then I brought Victoria over.

Victoria stopping for her snack in the milk room

The nice thing about the buck room is that it is an insulated room in and insulated building.  While we’re cold, I just shut the door, and their body heat and a heat lamp will keep it nice and warm.  This really is the only chance for Flower to make it through the rest of the winter.

Victoria, Flower and Coral enjoying the sunshine.

I decided to leave Antigone in the Love Shack with the three little bucks because she can’t get stuck in there, and the boys are all three good to her.  Frodo tries to play with her occasionally, but it’s not like he’s being mean to her.


And she’s not getting stuck. So, unless I had to move any other goats into the buck room, this was the arrangements until further notice.