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Who’s Due

20 Apr

It’s just over a month until our last round of kidding for the year.  I’m trying to decide who’s bred and who isn’t.  I can tell for sure some of them are pregnant, but I won’t guarantee they all are yet.  Who’s due?








At least, this is who I’m going to say is bred until I get evidence to the contrary.

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Another Treat

15 Jan

This time, my mom brought the last of the pumpkins she had on her front porch.  Since there were just a few, we gave them to the smaller groups of goats.  Clover and Pistol liked it.

Clover and Pistol

Clover and Pistol

Sam didn’t hesitate to help himself.



I also gave some to the girls in the yard.  Helen liked her pumpkin.



But there is nobody that likes pumpkin more than Minnie Pearl.


Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl

She was in heaven.  Luckily, I still have a couple more.

I do hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items listed at the top of my side bar.

Every Evening in the Milk Room

13 Sep

Every evening I go into my milk room.  I notice every time I go in there that I still haven’t used the paint sitting in there.  I still need a set of shelves so my hoof trimming tools aren’t lying on the floor.  But I still love my milk room, and those are projects for when the pumpkin patch is done.


Before I ever get into the milk room, I hear Cinnamon.  She’s always first.  She’s demanding to be milked long before I am ready to start my evening milking.

Cinnamon Sue Blackboer

I open the door, and she just eats while I milk.  I don’t use a stanchion or anything.  I just sit on the stool while she eats.


Then I fill my cup.  Did you notice I switched girls?  It doesn’t take long to milk one.

Clover Blackboer

When I kick Clover out (I have to boot both her and Cinnamon out the door), Stormy is waiting patiently.  I like it when they wait patiently.


She’s been a great addition to my milking does.


When I empty the glass into my tote jug, Stormy knows we’re done.  She waits patiently at the door for me to let her out.


There’s Dolly!  She’s usually last because she’s not going to fight anyone to get in sooner.


She’s even waiting patiently for Stormy to take her time stepping out of the doorway.


She’s happy to eat once she’s in there.  She’s another one that knows when I’m done and will just go to the door to be let out.


Then I get to go in and filter all that yummy milk.


Then I can use it to make soap and lotion!



How awesome is that!

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