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Rainy Week

12 Sep

Oh my goatness.  No sooner than I report that we are in a severe drought than the forecast says rain.  It started raining Monday, and it hasn’t quit.

I don’t know how much we’ve had (probably close to three inches), but my redneck rain gauge is overflowing.

The dry, dusty air has been cleaned.


The colors are vibrant.

There are drops.  I’m loving it!

The goats aren’t quite as happy about being wet; although, Antigone says a girl has to eat to keep feeding kids, so she’s still out there.

Edith, Kate, and Antigone

The  barn smells a bit like a wet wool rug.

Tilly, Gill, Dolly, Tiger, and Reva; Aurora in back

Maybeline doesn’t look like she cares.

I’m thrilled with the rain, and I’m also happy to say that, with this first test of the tile my nephew put in, the swampy area at the end of the lane is not too bad.

The only critters who seem to truly love the rain are the geese.

They are doing their own little happy dance flight.


5 Aug

My walk the other day was filled with lots of butterflies!

The only monarch picture because they are rudely uncooperative, unlike the swallowtails.

And a couple of Japanese beetles.

Scenes From the Pasture

24 Jun

Here are a few scenes from my walk out in pasture the other day.

Mrs. Bobolink

Mr. Bobolink

Mr. and Mrs. Bobolink

honey bee with clover

Eastern meadowlark

the goats in pasture

Myson watching the rest of the herd

birdsfoot trefoil


I do love this lush time of year.