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Random Pictures from the Week

13 Apr

Clover’s bottle jaw is doing better.  Same with Bonnie. That makes me happy.  I keep trying to baby them through.


The boys are enjoying the nice weather.  They will be happy when they get their buck pen and front pasture back.

Xerxes and Fionn

Maisie and Moose hanging together in the pasture.

Moose and Maisie

Bambi in pasture.

I’m really happy to be back to summer in the barnyard (well, mostly kind of).  The water buckets are out for the kids now.

Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and maa Joani

Sacagewea is filling up that food pan.  Won’t be long before she doesn’t fit.


Another look at last weekend’s rainbow.

Here’s to another good weekend!


Kid Switching

23 Mar

With the yucky weather, copper issues and me being sick we did have a few problems.  First, Bonnie was struggling to keep up with both of her girls, so she was trying to lay down to keep them from constantly nursing.  Unfortunately, before I could try and get started with supplemental bottles, she laid on one of her kids, and it killed the baby.  I’ve never had a goat do this before.  Cows will occasionally, and sows are horrible about it, but I never thought about it happening with a goat.  I’m still just sick over it.

She still has her one girl, Socks, and Bonnie is doing better.


That’s not switching though.  Clover ended up with bottle jaw and no milk because she apparently needed more copper.  I shut her in the Love Shack so her kids could not get to her.  I feel bad, but she really would have died.


I tried to start her kids on bottles because the last thing she needed to do was try to make milk when her own body needed every drop of energy it could get.  Her girl was easy to do.  She is just hard to get away from because she chases me down wanting a bottle all the time.

Clover’s girl and Cinnamon’s boy

Her boy was not so easy, but I was kind of squirting it down his mouth.  Stick with me because here’s where the switch comes in.  For some weird reason, Sidney decided to reject one of her boys.  He was cold and didn’t make it.  But when I went back out to try and give a bottle to Clover’s kid, Sidney was letting both boys nurse.

She was sniffing both boys’ bottoms and decided they were okay nursing her. I’m good with that.  They curl up and sleep together, and it makes my life much easier if I don’t have to try to force a kid to take a bottle.  And Sidney seems happy too.  I did have them shut in for a while to keep him away from  Clover, but this morning I let them out as a happy family of three.  We’ll just see how that goes with Clover.

Sidney her boy (left) and her new boy (right)

And since I’m talking about switching who is raising kids, Cinnamon’s little girl couldn’t keep up with her brother and her mom’s big teat, so she also got chilled and thin.  She is at my mom’s house getting bottles.  I couldn’t keep her here because she and Cinnamon kept crying to each other and keeping everyone else (mostly me) agitated too.

I have to say, this has made this round of kidding way too interesting and frustrating and just weird.

More Kids

15 Mar

I left off in the kidding with the easy one.  Margarita, the one I had been so worried about, was the next to go into labor.  Wednesday evening, I waited patiently and watched and encouraged her to push, and I even told her I’d give her a peanut when it was all over.  She did awesome!  She got the baby pushed down, and then I saw a nose.

That’s not good.  They need to come feet first and then the nose.  Otherwise, they get stuck at the shoulders.  It’s not fun, but I pusehd the baby back in.  I actually was having a hard time doing that, so I called the vet emergency number, and it was while I was on the phone with the poor woman, with Margarita screaming, with me panting my phone number when she asked that he slipped back enough for me to get my hand under and find a hoof.  I managed to pull him out.

Poor baby was very small, and he was weak and exhausted after that traumatic birth.  He is doing well.

After that, Gidget went right into labor, and she did an awesome job at having her two bucks!

Thankfully, nobody did anything overnight, but I had been watching Mary closely because she had fluids all over her tail.  In the morning, she still wasn’t doing anything, and then she started the yelling like she had lost her kid.  I was worried that she had kids poorly positioned and not able to move them down, so I called the vets, and he came later in the morning and checked her. She was just opening, so we continued moving goats around from one pen to another and letting those with kids out into the barnyard, and it was finally about 1:30 in the afternoon when her two boys arrived.

In the evening, Sidney had her two boys.  It was a bit chaotic for the poor girl because Astra kept talking to her kids, and she kept looking around even though I was trying to give her her baby.  Ava was next door talking because she was also in labor.  Aurora was supervising everything.

Then I got her second boy out, and we decided to  move her into a section of Wanda and Ava’s pen because the wind was so horrible, and she was struggling to settle in with the babies.  The move helped, and they are all doing well.

Then Ava had a girl and a boy.  (I like those one sentence reports on them kidding.)

My dear sister came to let me sleep all night while she did checks, and we knew Haley was going to kid sometime, so it wasn’t a real shock when my phone rang and my sister told me that Haley’s baby was trying to come nose first.  She had gotten it pushed back and found one leg, but the other leg wasn’t coming.  After I went out and checked and tried pulling, I decided it must have been legs from two different kids.  Finding a third hoof confirmed this, but no matter what, I just could not get the other leg. I gave up and called the vet.  That, of course, was the kids’ cue that they were ready to come out.  I swear, admitting defeat and calling the vet is like the magic button to get the kids to finally arrive.  I never did find the second foot, but we managed to pull it with the head and one foot out.  The second one was no problem.  Of course, she had two boys!

I went back to bed, and it wasn’t too long before I heard a goat scream.  I figured it was Joani trying to kill Hera who had snuck into her pen, so I went running down the stairs and out to the greenhouse to find that Victoria had given birth to one big girl.  Okay, this was more than one sentence, but it was just the way I like it to go!

Nobody else did anything overnight, but my sister checked them frequently and I took over the checks at about 6am.  Finally, when I went out for the 8am check, Clover was kidding.  The first one wasn’t too bad. Of course, Aurora was my supervisor.  The second one, however, was once again nose first.  I am pretty sure we should quit trying the nose first method.  It doesn’t work.

Everyone is doing well though.  As of this writing, it’s a race to see if Caroline or Cinnamon will be next.

It’s a close race.