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Confusing the Critters

27 Sep

We are finally mostly done with the roof, which takes us to the deck work.

My dad even came out and helped with some of the tearing apart. But my dog and cat were quite confused.



I can’t blame them.  It was mostly gone by the weekend.

out the front door

I think we’re all ready to have the construction done.  Then we don’t want any more storms.

A Perfect Day

29 Oct

Saturday was such a perfect day that I spent most of it working outside.  I finally got to move the pile of brush from where we took out the old yard fence.

I moved it to the garden to be burned.  Which means I had to shut Harley and the boys out of there.

Harley, Pluto (back) and Anubis

I had to bring the Ranger in for one very large root and tree.  Sky got his first Ranger ride.  I’m not sure that was smart, but I’m not sure which was more dangerous–having him beside me in the Ranger or running around like a lunatic while I was trying to drive.  By the way, I LOVE my new fence!


I also got the tomato cages all removed from the garden and hauled to the north shed.  That seemed to make sense since I want to put my garden up there next year.


I also did some other yard work and hauled a bunch of the mess from the old fence to the recycling dumpster.  If only I had another solid week of this perfect weather and I got to stay home for it, I might get caught up a little bit.

First of the Month Up North

4 Aug

It’s time to update what’s going on up north.  I have a lot to share this time.  The hay was mowed and rained on way too much.

hay wagon_4815ew

They finally raked it into windrows.


There’s not much good left in this hay, but my brother-in-law feeds enough animals, and it will be mixed with good hay, so it adds bulk.  Besides, we had to get it off the ground so it didn’t kill the alfalfa and grass under it.  He chopped it this past weekend.  Not a lot of people chop hay anymore, but it’s quite efficient and has less spoilage than about any other way of storing hay.

hay chopping_4710ew

The guy that tore my garage down is also doing some work up north.  He’s cleared the cougar cages and the remains of the old trailer.  I’m liking the “nothing there” look.


He’s cleaned around the building, and I’m hoping he’ll get the rest of the concrete as soon as the garage dirt work is done.  With the hay being made and the scrub brush cleared, that means we can actually get to the building to work on it now.


On my way to the pumpkin patch, I saw the old dead tree fell on the gate.  Fun. Fun.

tree on gate

Finally, the pumpkin plants are growing.

Pumpkin patch

I was thrilled when I saw a nice sized pumpkin right on the edge of the patch, but there weren’t as many as I would have liked to see.  The damp weather has been really bad for them.  Hopefully, we’ll stay dry and there will be a lot more.


At least I’m seeing a lot more female blossoms now.  I didn’t see any a couple of weeks ago.

pumpkin blossom

I’ve also been doing paperwork, so hopefully the Eden Hills pumpkin patch will become a reality this fall.