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Some Friday Notes

14 Jan

My nephew brought the goats his Christmas tree last weekend. By the time I got home, they had stripped it clean.


By the next day, they had a good start on the bark.


My peacock is working hard on getting his tail grown out.  He’ll look handsome for those hens who really don’t care.

The goose appreciates the fresh corn stalk bedding.  It’s nice to snuggle down in when it’s cold outside.

With all the breeding talk, my wethers were feeling left out, so here they are from oldest to youngest.






Salem seems to be accepting Sky finally.

Sky and Salem

These two llamas are just crazy.  Actually, I think there is some weird hormonal thing going on.

Odie and Maybeline

Which explains why we’ve never had a cria.

And I just have to share Tiger again.


Oh, that tail!


8 Jan

My nephew brought us his Christmas tree over the weekend.

Moose (butt), Maisie and Buster

Sallie (and Annie in front)

Blaze, Bonnie, Litha, and Hilda

Myson scratching between his horns

Everyone was happy, but they really think he should start putting up five or six trees instead of just one.


One tree just lasts a few hours.

A Treet

9 Jan

My wonderful nephew and his wife brought a Christmas treet for the goats.  I put it in the yard first.

Helen, Vanilla, Strawberry and Minnie (Cutie in the back that you can barely see)

Helen, Vanilla, Strawberry and Minnie (Cutie in the back that you can barely see)

They all enjoyed it.



Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie

Although, Vanilla did make me laugh the most.




I loved the pine scented kisses I got from Minnie, but I figured it was too much treet for the few goats in the yard.  I put it in the barnyard for the rest of the herd, and yesterday I had to turn it over so Ava could find the little bit of green left on it.



How they wish they  had another treet!