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Is It Possible?

6 May

Could it be that spring is finally here?  I think it must not have been quite as cold as predicted, or the snow served to insulate because my magnolia tree still has many of its blooms!

magnolia blossoms


As soon as the snows melted, everything was green and starting to bloom.




red tullip

red tulip

red tulip

My fruit trees are finally starting to get buds, so I’m hoping I’ll get a good crop this year.

apple blossoms

cherry blossoms

Finally, I think spring has arrived.

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The Orchard

7 Apr

It’s been a very long time since I mentioned my orchard.  That’s because creating the orchard has not gone well.  I first planted in a year of horrible rainforest conditions.  Then the next year we had drought.  On top of two horrible years of weather, the goats have managed to get in and eat it off three or so times.  That’s not good for an orchard, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find anything alive.

This is a concord grape.

I found two grape vines starting to bud, but as early as it is, there could even be more that made it through the winter.

The raspberries actually look really good.

I need to weed around them.

This year they are big enough, I need to get some supports put up for them.  I was also surprised to see that most of the trees are alive.

This cherry even had blossoms.

Of course, when you see the whole tree it doesn’t look quite a good.  Can you tell how high the goats could reach?

This little apple tree must have been very delicious.  I hope it gets the chance to grow up and make some equally delicious apples.

Well, at least the goats won’t be able to eat the orchard when they are confined to the barnyard. 🙂

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