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Knitting With the Cats

17 Aug

Knitting is something I really enjoy because it’s relaxing.  I have been making things to sell in the soap room this fall–I just sell them for the yarn I have in them.

making a mitten

Then I can keep buying yarn to knit more.

hooded scarf; mittens; hats

But recently, knitting has been a bit more challenging and not quite so relaxing.

Rocky judging my work

Bob trying to ignore me doing something

Don’t let Herbie’s innocent looks fool you.

checking out the ear warmer headband

They are lucky I adore them.

Salem and Beetles

2 Aug

I think it was last Thursday evening I heard growling and a weird clicking kind of noise coming from the kitchen, so I went in to check it out.  Salem was growling.  Then he took off for the bathroom.


I saw a bug on the floor in the kitchen, so I went to get a paper towel to pick it up.  Of course, by the time I returned, Tiger had eaten it.  Don’t judge. He nearly starved to death as a kitten and has lingering food issues.


But I heard more growling and that clicking again coming from the bathroom, so I went to see what Salem had.  The clicking noise was Salem beating his paw and the rest of the bug against the floor trying to get it off of him.  Luckily, we were in the bathroom where I could grab some tweezers quickly because I was not about to touch this thing without the tweezers.

stag beetle (thanks to my sister for the identification)

Poor boy picked on the wrong beetle.  I pulled it off of Salem’s paw.  The beetle was clamped onto the tweezers and was still moving when I got it off his paw.

Notice that it is missing part of its body and one leg–Tiger ate that.

I decided to see if he did better with another kind of beetle–a Love Bug.


After I finished scooping the barn, I decided it would be easier to take care of Herbie if he was in the house.

Well, that is the plan.  But that means I have three cats (Bob doesn’t count this time of year) and a dog to deal with also.


Herbie decided the dog was quite scary.

We’re getting there. Mostly. Sort of.

And We’re Off

30 Jun

If all went as planned, Mom and I left for Indianapolis to spend the night with my nephew.  This is the first of my pre-scheduled posts.

Trace is not looking like she’ll give me a July baby.

I decided I would split the top two responses to my survey.  Including my FB responses, it was pretty evenly split between posting farm content (with vacation stuff added in if I got time) and nothing because I’m on vacation.



I have several posts prescheduled with farm content.  I’ll try to at least give you an update on where I’m at on those days I don’t have something scheduled.  But, I might not get it done.



Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the farm posts, and I know I can’t get enough of talking about genealogy and history and cemeteries.  Hopefully, you won’t find any of those posts too bad.


If I know myself, I’ll already be missing my critters and worried about them.  But I have left everyone in capable hands.