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Critters Around the Farm

22 Apr

Here’s a few of the critters I’ve seen around the farm lately.

Hope you have had a very happy Earth Day!


Beautiful Birding

21 May

I’m enjoying watching the robin and her little ones.



It’s a full time job for her to feed them.


They are already really getting big.  I can see four of them now.



I was really pleasantly surprised when I was walking in pasture the other night.  It really looks like summer.

Canada Geese

Canada Geese

Then I heard a bird singing a beautiful song.  When I got close enough to see what it was, it was the male bobolink in his breeding finery.  I was very happy to see him.  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen one out there.

bobolink collage

Just for fun, I’m sharing one of the young squirrels that has sudden decided to take up residence in my yard.


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18 May

The palm warblers are still here!  I know they are only in Iowa during their migration, but I’m enjoying them.



I’m also enjoying watching the robin with her nest just inside the barnyard gate.


I’m not sure she’s quite as happy when I’m around, but she’s not too scolding.

robin nest_6754ews

robin nest_6756e

I am sorry to say that the gosling is gone.  They were taking good care of it, but it just disappeared.  I assume a hawk got it.  It’s hard to be a little bird, which is why they hatch so many.  I had a pair of Canada geese in the pasture.

canada goose_6765ews

canada goose_6780ews

The orioles are back.



I’m not sure what this one is.  Any guesses? [Edit:  I’m going with Eastern Phoebe after help from my blogging friends]


The barn swallows are all over now.

barn swallow_6702ews

barn swallows_6703ews

There was also a little wren.


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