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Kids and Geese

14 Apr

Saturday morning, I noticed that I wasn’t tripping over Popcorn while I was checking Cinnamon.  I dared to hope that meant he had joined the rest of the herd and went to pasture.  I thought I better check.  Besides, I had my camera and wanted to see if I could photograph the Canada geese I’d been hearing all morning.

Unfortunately, the three kids that got left up in the barnyard decided I would be good to follow out to pasture to find their maas.

Brutus, 2TC, and Bronc

Of course, Blaze and Gidget were answering their kids and it was loud and crazy and the kids took off for their moms.

Blaze, kids, Reva, Gidget (meadowlark in the tree)

As a bonus, I got to photograph an eastern meadowlark. They’re back!

Anyhow, back to the story. Please note there were three barriers to reaching their maas–Canada geese, the ditch, and a fence.  The geese were the biggest concern to me because they can be nasty.  They kept a good distance from the one standing on the open bottom.

There were two more sitting closer to the ditch.

The kids’ path took them right by those geese.

Luckily, the birds ignored the kids.  Maybe it’s because I was there too.  Anyhow, they decided to take off.

The kids went right over the ditch.  (Well, these two did; Brutus got his back feet wet.)

2TC and Bronc

Then the kids made it to the fence, and I was right there with them.  As luck would have it, Popcorn was right there, so my mission of checking on him was accomplished.


I caught each of the other kids and dumped them on the other side of the fence.

Gidget with Brutus and Bronc; Popcorn in the middle; Blaze and 2TC in back

Poor Popcorn looked disappointed that I wasn’t joining him or that I didn’t bring him a bottle.

They all made it back to the barnyard safely though.

Critters Around the Farm

22 Apr

Here’s a few of the critters I’ve seen around the farm lately.

Hope you have had a very happy Earth Day!

Beautiful Birding

21 May

I’m enjoying watching the robin and her little ones.



It’s a full time job for her to feed them.


They are already really getting big.  I can see four of them now.



I was really pleasantly surprised when I was walking in pasture the other night.  It really looks like summer.

Canada Geese

Canada Geese

Then I heard a bird singing a beautiful song.  When I got close enough to see what it was, it was the male bobolink in his breeding finery.  I was very happy to see him.  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen one out there.

bobolink collage

Just for fun, I’m sharing one of the young squirrels that has sudden decided to take up residence in my yard.


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