Birds in the Pasture

When I was in the pasture earlier in the week, I saw this little bird on the fence.  I couldn’t tell what it was with the light behind it, so I was glad when it flew to the other side of me.

Bird on the fence

Didn’t help me figure out what it is though.  Anyone have a clue what it is?

Bird on a weed

While I was photographing it, I heard geese.  They weren’t even mine.

Canada geese

It’s the first Canada geese I’ve seen this fall.  I’m afraid we’re going to have another early winter.

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Random 5 Friday

We had a beautiful wonderful weather day!  There was more snow melting and more mud, but it still isn’t too bad.

geese flying in sunset

Other than the warm weather, one sure sign of spring is the swarms of geese that I saw flying north today.

geese collage


Another is my peacock dancing for the ladies.  The girls just don’t look too impressed.



Sadly, it’s not unusual for spring to see goose injuries.  Their breeding is brutal.  The ganders fight.  They grab the girls, and sometimes, we get gimpy girls.  Sadly, instead of getting better, Gabby got worse.  She really can’t walk, but she can get around using her wings.  Now, she’s rooming with my two little bucks in the Love Shack.

Gabby Goose

Gabby Goose

I think the motor is going out on my 55-300 mm lens.  I had a horrible time focusing on my pretty Christmas cactus blossom.  My eyes are too bad to use manual focus.  Guess I need to send the lens in to be fixed.  Bummer.  At least I still have a lens that works while that one is gone.  I have no idea when I’ll get around to taking it in with all the kids due.

Christmas cactus


We’ve started kidding, and I’ll share tomorrow.  If you can’t wait, there are more frequent updates on our farm Facebook Page.

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Sunset in the Pasture

As the days get shorter, I have a hard time getting everything done and enjoying walks out in the pasture with the animals.  By the time I finish chores, I have just enough time for  a few shots, usually with sunsets, and that’s about it.

geese and sunset

Canada geese by moon

sunset fence

sunset fence

old fence



I hope you like silhouettes and sunsets.

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