War in the Back Forty

There is a war being waged in the Back Forty.  (nobody was injured in the war) It’s not what I was expecting when I went for a walk with the goats this evening.  I saw the pair of Canada geese hanging out again.  I was surprised that they were brave enough to let me get close to them.


It wasn’t long before the goats began browsing by them.  My goats are used to geese, so they really didn’t even pay any attention to them, but the geese were getting a bit peeved that the goats had entered their territory.


Without warning, they launched an attack on poor, unsuspecting Joani.  She fled in fear.  Geese 1. Goats 0.

Geese Joani collage w

Joe, being the wise goat she is, decided she was not about to engage in battle; she merely gave them the goat stare of death, and they gave up.  Geese 1. Goats 1.


Soon, they found their next victim, Muffin.


Muffin quit browsing and prepared to engage the enemy.


And this melee goes to the goats as well!  Geese 1.  Goats 2.


The geese were not about to give up though, and they flanked Muffin on both sides.


Suddenly, it was a surprise attack!


Casey stood watching behind the battle lines, grateful he was not about to receive the wrath of the goose, but who was she after?  Was it Muffin again?


No!  It was a surprise attack on Blaze!

Geese Blaze collage wPoor girl didn’t see it coming.  She took off, startling the rest of the goats.


The Canada geese took their place of victory on the old log.  Today, they had won the battle, but they haven’t won the war.

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Spring Birds

When I’ve been in pasture this past week, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for morel mushrooms.  I haven’t found any, but I swear I’m probably looking up when I should be looking down.  I dont’ want to miss any birds either.

Bird on Corn_0042ew



Canada Gander_0072ew

Canada Geese_0095ew

Canada goose_0078ew


I’m pretty sure I’ve missed a lot of great birds.  I’ve seen a male pheasant hanging around, but I never have my camera when I’m close enough to get a passable shot.

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Birds in the Pasture

When I was in the pasture earlier in the week, I saw this little bird on the fence.  I couldn’t tell what it was with the light behind it, so I was glad when it flew to the other side of me.

Bird on the fence

Didn’t help me figure out what it is though.  Anyone have a clue what it is?

Bird on a weed

While I was photographing it, I heard geese.  They weren’t even mine.

Canada geese

It’s the first Canada geese I’ve seen this fall.  I’m afraid we’re going to have another early winter.

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