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Betty Moved

4 Dec

Betty Lou is my oldest goat.  She’s been getting meds to help her joints, and she’s one that I am constantly thinking needs copper.  She’s lost all of her face color again, so I’ve ordered more copper, and we’ll be starting the next round of copper capsules.  I decided to  move her up with the other old ladies.

Betty Lou

Bonnie has no problem with her joints.  I just need to get more copper in her, and she might go back with the rest of the herd.  We’ll see.  Harley’s back is still giving her a bit of trouble now, but she is doing better than she was.


Penny also does really well as long as she gets the meds for her arthritis and isn’t trapsing all through the Back Forty.


I’d like to put all of these girls in the greenhouse because it’s insulated and would be warmer for them.  It’s also a little smaller space so they aren’t running around quite so much.  At least, that would be good for Harley and Penny.  Unfortunately, the greenhouse is the only place I can keep Zeus shut in.


I had planned on keeping him until next summer, when everyone is looking for a new buck, but I don’t know if I can keep him that long the way he’s behaving.

The Old Ladies

19 Nov

My old ladies are glad that our weather is warmer again.  I still have three of them shut up north.  Bonnie probably needs copper again already.  I just get so nervous.  I’m afraid that I’m going to overdose them.  But she is still showing signs of deficiency even with being shut up there and getting sweet feed every day.


Harley had her shot to make sure she didn’t get bred when Zeus was out.  She is still improving again after the white line disease aggravated her back.

Penny and Harley

Cupid misses Harley, but I just don’t have a big enough space for extra girls up there.

Cupid (with Harley in the back)

I’m afriad I might have to put Betty Lou up there too.  She’s another candidate for another copper capsule, and she is my oldest girl.

Betty Lou

Penny is doing well.  She does have some arthritis that bothers, but she’s pretty good up  here where nobody will pick on her.


She was always such a dominant girl that everyone still wants to fight with her even though she has no desire to fight.

A Year Ago

4 Jan

It was just about a year ago I was at my wits end with Helen.  She was failing with the arthritis.  She was avoiding the herd, so she wasn’t eating well.  She couldn’t lay down to rest.  It was cold.  Then I tried the meds.

Hilda van de Yell and Helen Osboer

Hilda van de Yell and Helen Osboer

Today she’s still going strong despite barely being able to use her one back leg.  She gets up and down, has a good weight, and is still a brat.  I think she’s planning on sticking around for Hilda to make her a grandmaa.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s list at the top of my side bar.