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It Looks Pretty

2 Sep

You know, it really does look beautiful out there, but it is killing me.

Aurora and Buster

I was in bed all day with allergies.  I’m hoping tomorrow is better and I can get my salsa canned.


Pregnancy Test

24 Aug

With moving everyone around, that means the llady llamas got to go up and see Ollie.


Odie and Maybeline were the first two to go up and check him out.  They look all sweet here, but they quickly put their ears back, and Odie even spit at him (repeatedly).  Of course, I already knew they are bred.

Ollie, Maybeline and Odie

Pretty soon, the other girls came up also.  I am not going to say 100%, but I do think they are all three pregnant.

Ollie with Farina, Estarr, and Aurora

All it takes is a glance in his direction, and the ears go back.

Aurora and Estarr

The only one who wants anything to do with Ollie now is Buster.

Ollie and Buster

And he’s just bragging that he gets to hang out with the girls all the time.

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Getting the Llamas Some Shelter

20 Aug

With the rain we’ve had this week (Yippee!), I had to get the llamas some shelter.  They were not happy being outside.  It was nice rain that didn’t have lightning, so they were safe, but they were not happy at all.

That means, since I’m not sure when they’ll get back to finish the dirt work and we were supposed to have some potentially severe weather Friday night, I had to make it so the llamas could get some shelter.  It all started with moving Helen.  I put her in the Love Shack.


I had to move the three bucks up with Ollie.

I worked on putting some panels from the edge of the garage (not letting them into that room) down to the fence.  That way I could remove one panel and open a gate and make it so they could come back into the barnyard. It didn’t take too long before they discovered I had removed the panel.

It wasn’t much longer before they figured out they could come back into the barnyard.


They were quite happy to get to come into the barn.


And the goats think it’s pretty nice that they can go out to the Back Forty or the front pasture.

I don’t have to worry about the rain and when they can get the dirt work done because we did get another tenth of an inch Friday night and there’s more in the forecast for Monday.

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