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September 1st Progress Report

1 Sep

Things at the north end of my farm are moving quickly now!  It’s really starting to look different. Maybe some day I won’t even have to crop out the electric line by the windmill, but for now…


They are done with removing the concrete and buildings that were up there, and filling it in and smoothing it out.

clear ground_5994w

Clear Ground_5998w

The well beneath the windmill has been filled in and sealed.  You can see there’s still some junk to get rid of, but we’re making progress!


We also got a water line run to beside the building and put a frost free hydrant in.  The trench that’s there now is for the electric line, which should be run soon.


Up next is fixing the doors and windows and cleaning inside the building.



Behind the building, we got rid of the fallen tree, and my nephew cleaned out the fencerow.


The pumpkins are growing and turning!  Soon I’ll be able to see orange all over because the plants are just beginning to die down.


I can’t believe how much progress we’ve made, and it’s a little scary that next month will be October and time for the pumpkin patch!

Building Has Started

18 Aug

The Amish crew showed up yesterday morning, and despite a little rain, they managed to work part of the day.


I can’t believe how much bigger this looks.  It really is a few feet bigger, but being raised up and all one building (rather than lean-to and split level) really makes it look bigger.  It will also make it a lot more practical and efficient with the space that is there.


Inspectors Bob and Snickers are on duty.

Bob and Snickers

Bob and Snickers

Of course, not a thing has happened today because it has been raining all day long.  The bucks and I are really ready for this to be finished.

Raindrops Keep Falling

27 Jul

To my knowledge, we really didn’t have rain in the forecast for today.  Just like last Friday, the radar lit up, and we’re getting more rain.  We’ve had more rain than we need.  I’d love to share with some of those places desperate for rain.

weather ew

The hay is still down getting rained on in the buffer strips.  Luckily we haven’t mowed the Back Forty (where my hay comes from).  I have to admit, it is still going to give me some decent hay if we can ever get a long enough stretch without rain to make it because all the rain has kept the new grass growing.  That’s also why I still haven’t let my June moms out there.  Their kids would never be able to make it through the jungle. (By the way, the image below also illustrates why I don’t like yard goats.  That is the patio just outside my back door.)


They were almost done with the dirt work for the garage when the rain came Friday.  It also rained some Saturday night, and now this.  That means the equipment is just sitting there.  Again, there’s good news though. The pad has done really well with all the rain.  It hasn’t washed.  I’d still like to see the garage go up soon.  The two bucks are not thrilled with their mini-shelter.

Bulldozer in rain_4573ew I’d like to get stuff done outside.  My whole garden needs weeded.  At least it’s giving me produce despite competing with all the weeds.


I really was hoping to get some of that weeding done today after it dried out a bit more.  Yeah, that’s not going to happen now.

Sharing with The Good. The Random. The Fun. and Song-ography.  I’ve been stuck with the song Raindrops Keep Falling by B. J. Thomas.