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Terrific Twosomes

17 Nov

For some reason I got to thinking about my old ladies and how I don’t often keep both kids from twins, but two of my oldest goats are twins–Stormy and Litha, born in 2008.

Litha in 2015

They are the first set of two I kept because I just couldn’t decide which one to keep.  Then I had an epiphany and realized I could keep them both if I wanted to.  So I did.

Stormy from 2017

There are only two other sets of twins left in full:  Bonnie and Blaze (b. 2011)

Blaze and Bonnie from 2012

and Sidney and LilyAnn (although they are two of a set of triplets).  Honestly, their brother was the only nice one of the bunch.  Dang sweet boys.

Sidney, Andy and LilyAnn (front) in 2017

Anyhow.  I kept Flower and Bud (b. 2010), and Flower is still here.

Flower and Bud in 2016

Casey is here, but I just lost Cookie earlier in the fall.  They were also two of a set of three.

Casey and Cookie (b. 2011) in May 2019

I still have Coral (2011), but we lost her twin, Clover, last year.

Clover and Coral from 2011

Haley (b. 2011) lost her (triplet) sister Harley last year also.

Haley and Harley in 2012

I kept two sets who are both gone now–Maggie and Marley.

Maggie and Marley (my original “tail count” kids from 2009)

And Pistol and Vinnie.

Dolly with Pistol and Vinnie in 2010

I sometimes can’t believe how long I’ve been raising goats now.  They certainly do have a way of stealing your heart.

The Wethers

7 Aug

I’m trying to figure out what to do with my wethers.


If you remember, two years ago, Bud had bladder stones that led to his surgeries.  The stones were determined to be pure calcium.  Typically that kind of stone isn’t seen in Iowa, but it is common out west where goats are browsed in fields rich in clover.  At the same time Bud was going through his issues, my vet had another goat die with the same type of stone.

bladder stones 32ew

The next year, right around the same time, I lost Marley to bladder stones.



The only thing I can come up with is that the clover somehow changes chemically at this time of year in a manner that causes the imbalance leading to calcium bladder stones.  That’s not a crazy as it sounds.  Alfalfa, which is commonly fed to ruminants safely, can be poisonous after a frost.  Clover is also a legume.  They eat it fine most of the summer and in their hay.  This one time of year it seems to cause problems.  It’s the only thing that makes sense.

swallowtail on clover

swallowtail on clover

I still have three wethers.  I don’t want to lose any of them.





Moose (scratching on the fence)

Moose (scratching on the fence)

I think I will move them to the front pasture with the bucks by the first of September.  Hopefully, that will work.

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A Farewell to Bud

1 Aug

Saturday Bud took a turn for the worse.  The vet came, and we treated him for a possible infection, but the thought was more likely cancer.

Bud Osboer

Bud Osboer

After a couple of days of meds, he was still uncomfortable (although not in the pain he was before), so today we said good-bye to my sweet goofy boy.

Bud Flower

Bud with twin sister Flower



Bud Osboer

Flower and Bud



I will miss him.