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In the Garage

6 Mar

Because my garage is the warmest building on the farm and we are still colder than we should be for this time of year, I have the girls who are due first and the ones I don’t have a due date for in the garage.

Haley, Wanda, Cinnamon, Bonnie and Blaze

It’s a bit crowded.  I can’t put Tony outside yet, and the little boys would struggle with the sudden cold if I put them out now.  That means they are in the front section.

Tony, Anubis, and Pluto

I gave the rest of that side to Sidney and Caroline.  Because someone always has to be pushy and dominant, Caroline has decided it should be her.  Caroline is actually the first one due.

Sidney (back) and Caroline (front) with Pluto in the next pen.

Margarita came in the day after everyone else.  She has her own little spot because she’s so tiny.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I bred her as little as she is, but she’ll be two.  I don’t know why she’s so little. She doesn’t even look pregnant, much less due in a week.


My big girls are in the main part of the garage, you know, where my truck is usually parked.

Blaze and Bonnie





I do think we are going to make it through this cold kidding season though.  I hope we do.

Pluto Moved

30 Sep

Pluto was doing well in the Love Shack, and he was getting more vocal about being alone, so I moved him back up north with his brother, Antigone, and Harley.

Anubis, Pluto, Harley (and Antigone behind her)

He’s able to walk through the grass now without falling.

He’s gaining strength every day, but with our suddenly cooler temperatures, I might have to get him a scarf for his naked neck.

I still don’t think he’ll be racing his brother for a little while yet.

Soon, I’m going to have to get Antigone moved out before the boys get ideas about how good smelling looking she is.

They are certainly big enough to get the job done.

I’m also going to try to move Harley out in a couple of weeks.  I think her back is strong enough as long as she doesn’t fight.


Then those little boys can’t be making oopsie babies!

The Kids’ Progress

25 Sep

After I decided to put Pluto in with Antigone, I never thought about how cold we suddenly got that night.  He was a bit slow to start in the morning, but I gave him sweet feed, and he seemed to perk up.  I will say, Antigone decided to be a brat and try to butt him.  She did have her own bowl of food, but she wanted to butt him.


Anyhow, I kicked her out of the Love Shack to run around for a bit.  It became obvious how weak she still is, so I put her back up with Anubis and Harley.

Antigone, Harley, and Anubis

Anubis is pretty much completely back to normal.


Although, I don’t spoil him quite as much with Antigone up there.  I have to make sure they both get to eat sweet feed because Harley doesn’t share well.

Antigone is really doing well.  She just needs to keep eating and gaining strength.

Pluto is really making good progress as well.  It just takes time.  He gains strength every day.


Bless my mom for coming out a couple of times each day to make sure he’s doing okay and encourage food and fluids.

Someday, I dream that I have nobody that requires extra care.  How awesome would that be!