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Just Pepe

23 Jul

This boy is so cute and sweet!

He makes me smile.


In the Garage

11 Feb

With the goats getting moved out of the garage, that means Tony didn’t have any company.  You’ll notice the hay on his face. That’s a good sign that he was eating!


Welll, I did move the hen back into the garage because her leg was getting wonky again.  I think it’s arthritis because she seems to improve almost as soon as she gets in the garage where it’s warmer.

Mama Phoenix

She seems happy with the arrangement.

Anyhow, llamas are herd animals, and they do not tolerate being alone very well.  I want to keep Tony as unstressd as possible. That means I brought over some company.


Anubis wasn’t too sure about being in there by himself.  By the time I had carried Pluto over, he was yelling for his company.

Pluto and Anubis

They both thought they should get to go back to the Love Shack, but I think they should stay with Tony.  I was kind of impressed they could both get their heads through one hole.

If nothing else, they will provide him with entertainment to watch.

That is if Anubis doesn’t get too rowdy.

Although Pluto was more interested in eating than playing.

Hopefully, they’ll settle in and be good company.  I also was hoping for the benefit of giving Tony dinner companions.


That seems to be working!

Anubis and Pluto in front (Tony behind)

Check it out on video HERE.

Free from the Apparatus

4 Dec

Zeus lost his horn apparatus again.  I had just re-taped it a couple of days earlier, so I was a bit disappointed.  Since it was over Thanksgiving break, I decided not to put a new on one him.


So far he hasn’t gotten his head stuck.  Just a day or so after he lost his, Hera had hers hanging by one horn.  I snuck up on her and caught her during supper, and I finished removing hers.


She also hasn’t been stuck since then.  I hope they are both done with that foolishness.