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14 Sep

Just some critters I’ve photographed around the farm in the last week or so.

Honeybee on chives

moth on goldenrod


northern flicker

red headed woodpecker



northern flicker

tree frog on my garage

This is a pretty time of year.

Butterfly Wings

18 Aug

I’ve seen lots of butterflies this summer!  It’s nice having a variety as well.


Sadly, this one’s wings are messed up, and it can’t fly.  It seemed to be doing okay for now though.


Orange Sulfur

Common Sootywing

The monarch would not sit still, so I finally decided to try for a flight shot.


Thanks to Patti, Claire and Tammy for help with identifications.

Happy Earth Day!

22 Apr

Take a moment today to thank Mother Earth for all that she provides.  Ask what you can do to help Her.  Enjoy the beauty that she provides.  Today we were enduring enjoying another cool rainy day, so I had to search the house for Mother Earth’s beauty.

Happy Earth Day!  Blessed be.