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Using the Bulk Bin

9 Jan

Right after we put the bulk bin up, my nephew was kind enough to call and request that it be filled.  Monday they filled it with corn–129.29 bushels to be exact.

Now I did decide I couldn’t try opening my gate and feeding the goats straight from the bin.  They’d attack and maul me at the first smell of grain.  You can see Millie, Bambi and Pam were keeping a close eye on what I was doing.

Instead, I use cat litter buckets (with lids) and haul it into the barn where I had been storing it.  They might check out my bucket, but they don’t mob me.

It’s so easy to use the bulk bin.   I just put my bucket under the bin.

The bottom part (below the black stuff) is a brand new piece.  It’s the slide that opens the door.

All I have to do is pull the handle, and gravity does the rest!

I do have to say it fills up pretty quickly.  I don’t want to be distracted or I’d have a big pile of corn on the ground.

I still have to carry the corn from outside the gate to the barn, but it is so much easier to take these buckets (one or two at a time) than throwing the fifty pound bags on my shoulder.  My back is really loving this!

I don’t have to have my mom go buy bags of feed once or twice a week.  I can carry a bucket or two every day, or if the weather is bad, I can go a week without having to carry it.  It is so much more convenient!