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The Year of Endless Oopsie Babies

26 Dec

It’s not unusual for me to have an oopsie baby.  Usually that’s it.  Or we might have a couple because a buck gets out once.  But this year…


It is never ending.  Do you see who Margarita is with?

Margarita with Fionn and Xerxes (and Anubis who isn’t in the picture)

Oh my goodness.  I don’t even know how many oopsie kids this is going to be.

Yes, Xerxes, I can’t blame you if the girl breaks in with you.  You are innocent.

At least they should be cute kids.

A Hard Winter

19 Dec

A hard winter is hard on the old goats.  I will say that I have several girls I’m watching closely.  They seem to be shrinking into old age.  Maggie used to be a big goat, but she is losing mass.  I can’t believe Margarita doesn’t even look tiny next to her anymore.

Margarita and Maggie

Pistol has suddenly started showing her age.  So far she’s doing well.


Betty Lou is my oldest goat.  She’s also really struggled with me getting enough copper in her.  She is supposed to have brown on her face, and it’s pretty much gone.  I’m not sure I can get enough in her to help.  She spends most of her time inside.  I need to find her a coat.

Betty Lou

Cookie is another one who seems to have really struggled with the copper.  She recently had diarrhea, but she’s improving.

Marge and Cookie

Hopefully, she can recover like Fionn.  You’d never know he was close to death this summer.  I think he should make it through the winter.


If our winter continues like it has started, I’m afraid it will be hard for some of these old ladies to make it through the winter.

Wordless Wednesday

18 Dec

Betty Lou

Odie and Maybeline



Mama Phoenix