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Betty Moved

4 Dec

Betty Lou is my oldest goat.  She’s been getting meds to help her joints, and she’s one that I am constantly thinking needs copper.  She’s lost all of her face color again, so I’ve ordered more copper, and we’ll be starting the next round of copper capsules.  I decided to  move her up with the other old ladies.

Betty Lou

Bonnie has no problem with her joints.  I just need to get more copper in her, and she might go back with the rest of the herd.  We’ll see.  Harley’s back is still giving her a bit of trouble now, but she is doing better than she was.


Penny also does really well as long as she gets the meds for her arthritis and isn’t trapsing all through the Back Forty.


I’d like to put all of these girls in the greenhouse because it’s insulated and would be warmer for them.  It’s also a little smaller space so they aren’t running around quite so much.  At least, that would be good for Harley and Penny.  Unfortunately, the greenhouse is the only place I can keep Zeus shut in.


I had planned on keeping him until next summer, when everyone is looking for a new buck, but I don’t know if I can keep him that long the way he’s behaving.

Still a Roller Coaster Ride

1 Oct

It still feels like we are on a roller coaster with the craziness of trying to deal with the copper deficiency.  On the up side, Fionn is doing much better.

He’s interested in girls and peeing on himself and generally acting like a buck in rut.  I’m hoping that I can keep him in the Love Shack until after fall breeding and then put him back with the other bucks.

I love you too, but I’m not going to kiss you.

For a while, I had several adults I was really worried about.  Clover was in really bad shape, but she’s doing a bit better.  Vinnie is the only adult I’m worried about now.  Unfortunately, she’s a brat, so I can’t work with her right now.


On the downhill side, my kids keep getting sick one-by-one.  I got my first group that I had to treat looking really good–Tootles, Peanut, and Penelope.


Then it was Socks.  She’s doing really well too, but I wormed her, so I was waiting for the withdrawal so I could sell the rest of the March kids all at once.  Then it was Tink.  No big deal, I could just keep her and sell her with the June kids because she’s still pretty small.


The week that I could have sold those kids was right after I hurt my toe.  This weekend my nephew was back from Indiana, and the toe is still not ready to go chase kids around.  And now Chiffon is really not doing well.


She’s staying up from pasture.  Luckily, she was one that ate with the llamas, so she is esy to get some sweet feed.  Hopefully, I can support her until she’s better again.

I noticed Sunday that Joy looks like her wattles are losing hair, and she had a sloppy poo.  I really have to figure out how to catch all these goats (the uncooperative ones) and get everyone another copper capsule.


I’ve already talked to Nephew #2 about helping me sell a bunch of kids next week.  I have seven that have to go like two weeks ago!

Another Girl Watcher

9 Sep

Fionn is feeling much better.  He’s gaining his weight back.  He’s not full weight or strength yet, but he is greatly improving.  He’s trying to run me over to get to the food whenever I go in there.

I noticed this past weekend that he was staring out to pasture, watching for the girls.

(I distracted him; he really was watching for the girls.)

He’s also peeing on his face. I am not happy about that, but it is an improvement.  He didn’t feel well enough to do that for a while.

That’s normal buck behavior this time of year.  For comparison, check out how nasty Anubis is looking.


Fionn has also taken up his old hobby of trying to knock the building down.

He’s not helping the door.

I just am not sure he’s quite where I can put him back with the rest of the bucks.  Mostly because I don’t want him fighting with Xerxes.