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Freddie’s Horn

15 Feb

You might remember that Freddie cracked his horn fighting (probably with a big fat wether).  Then I had to put Xerxes with him up north because he was picking on Benji.  Well, the two boys get along.

Freddie and Xerxes

For the most part.  They are bucks, and they are still sort of in rut, so there are times that they will fight, even though they’ll share a pan of corn.

Wanna smooch?

Here’s where the problem is.  Freddie is related to Antigone. They both come from Sam. I believe he had a weakness in his horns that is genetic.

Antigone after she broke her horn off the first time.

Now that Freddie and Xerxes are fighting, that horn is cracking even more.

I called the vet, and he came out so we could come up with a plan, and he really didn’t have a good idea.

Myson chatting with Freddie

That means I’m just going to hope they quit fighting as they come more out of being in rut, and I’ll probably try to sell him sooner than I was originally planning to try to prevent more damage.

One-Time One-Shot Wonder

12 Feb

Well, Thursday 2TC came back into heat.


That means Benji is a one-time one-shot wonder.

Benji (Lemuel behind)

And she isn’t going to have kids this year.  I’m still not sure about Trace either.  I might have heard her in heat.


Between the craziness of the goats’ heat cycles and planning for a trip, this has been the weirdest year ever for trying to plan kidding.

When They’re Bored

8 Feb

When goats are bored, they look for ways to entertain themselves.  Sometimes, it’s cute, like when Frodo kept opening and closing the door since I forgot to latch it.

A bored Frodo

“Look, ma. No hooves!”

I was pretty impressed that he’d push it and then duck to avoid getting hit when it bounced back.  I might still struggle with remembering that sometimes.

After a while, he decided to switch to chewing on the latch.

Silly kid.  Other times…