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Moving Girls

10 Mar

Well, I accidentally caught Bubbles close to the milk room last weekend, so I grabbed a horn and dragged her over.  She was not happy, but I let her eat some sweet feed before dragging her through the soap room into the garage.


Once there, she and Antigone decided to fight it out.

Antigone and Bubbles

Seriously, they are both five months pregnant.

I distracted them with some food, and that helped for a bit.

Plenty of room for all four of them.

I still had four more girls to move, and they are not easy ones. And I was sick, but I had to move them as close as they are to kidding and as cold as we are.  Besides, it’s easier for me to check them when they are all in one place.

I used a bit of sweet feet to tempt Hera, and then she just let me lead her to the milk room. Cupid was following along, so I let her in too.  After they had snacks, I just took them through to the garage.  Easy peasy.


I followed the same pattern for Athena.  Easy peasy.


Then there was Hilda.  She was on the far side of the barn, but she was pretty easy for me to catch.  But then I had to drag her all the way to the milk room.  She dug her feet in.  She’s got the weight advantage with all the baby fat, and I was sick.  Really.  I was not sure who was going to win for a while, but I finally got her into the milk room where she happily snacked while I gasped and panted and tried to catch my breath.  Brat.


But we’re ready for kids!

Pampered Princesses

7 Feb

I had to make a couple of adjustments to where the goats were.  I know that’s shocking.  After being together and getting along for a couple of weeks, Victoria and Coral decided to start beating on Flower.  I also had to do something with Antigone because she has this weird thing that whenever she gets wet feet, she has a crack on her back foot.  It looks like someone tried cutting her hoof off.  And putting her back in with the little bucks didn’t stop that.  So I had to move her.


Originally, I was going to divide the buck room in half with Coral and Victoria on one side and Antigone and Flower on the other.  But Flower decided to beat on Antigone.   That’s kind of when I lost it and gave them a lecture on how I can’t even be nice to them.  Brats.  That’s how I ended up with poor Flower still stuck with the other two in a smaller space.

Victoria, Coral, and Flower in back; Antigone in front

As soon as the weather turned warmer though, I decided to let everyone out and see if they could get along.  I had to put a coat on Flower because our wind from the south was still cold.

Coral and Victoria seemed to behave themselves a bit better, but Antigone was still standing in a snow drift so they wouldn’t even think of coming close to her.

Victoria and Coral

So I kicked Victoria and Coral back onto the other side with the rest of the herd.

There were some minor spats as they got settled back in, but it wasn’t bad.  I’ll keep a close eye on them, but for now, they are back with the herd.

Wanda and Coral pushing.

Flower and Antigone seem to be happy with the arrangement.



I hope they can continue getting along, but it will be easier to separate them with the cattle panel than it was with four girls in there.

They even went outside and enjoyed the sunshine.

Flower in the door

Antigone catching some rays

And there’s a decent space for Antigone to hang out without getting her feet in the snow.

Good grief.  I hope this works for everyone.

Old Ladies and Birds

30 Jan

I still just have the three old ladies in the buck room.

Victoria, Flower, and Coral

I shut the door at night and let them out during the day while it’s nice.

When it gets cold again in a couple of day, I’ll just keep them shut in.


Coral and Victoria are doing great.


Flower is holding her own.


I’m going to try to do another round of copper for everyone on the next decent weather weekend.  Some of the goats are showing signs of needing more.


I still have a couple of other goats I’m keeping a close eye on, but they are still hanging in there.


I’m still making sure Aurora gets her extra feed.  It seems to be helping her, and she waits there everyday until I give it to her.


While the weather is nice, I’m actually starting to get a few eggs.

The birds were all coming outside.

Sadly, this is the only space that is cleared for them.

The poor goose would like a real bath, but it’s buried under all that snow.

The peacock thought it was a good day to come out and flex that tail.

He’s so handsome!