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Cloudy Skies

26 Mar

Today was another cool cloudy day, nearly hiding the sun.  That’s not a complaint considering the tornadoes and snow and all kinds of bad weather around us.  It’s just an observation.


I’m also pleased to say that by the time we start kidding this weekend or early next week, the weather should be perfect!  Now I might be gloating a little bit, but please don’t hold it against me. I’m very grateful for this good kidding weather.

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The Goats in Pasture

19 Dec

I usually lock the goats off the pasture during the winter.  It lets the pasture rest and I don’t worry about the goats out there during hunting season.

goats in snowy pasture

With MJ staying on this side rather than going up north with Maxine and Norma Jean, I can’t keep them in.  MJ has always liked playing with gates, and it’s no challenge for him to open it and let everyone out to pasture.

snowy pasture with goats

I’m still feeding them hay to make sure nobody is starving, so this is just dessert for them.

goats browsing in snowy pasture

I guess it’s good to keep the goats occupied.  We don’t have so many spats with forty girls all locked up together.

doe goat in snowy pasture

I think we’d all be less cranky with some sunshine.

Boer goat in snowy pasture

White snow, white sky, and white goats make for hard photography.  Luckily Mary has a red head.  We’ve had a bit of sunshine, but it’s all while I’ve been at work this week, and now we’re looking at more cloudy, rainy and snowy weather this weekend.

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Browsing in the Back Forty

23 Aug

I’ve said before that goats are browsers, not grazers.  If you don’t believe me, check it out.

They prefer to stick to the taller weedy places instead of the primarily grassy mowed areas.  If they have to they’ll eat the grass, but it’s best to keep them from grazing on short grass.


This is a help to parasite management.  The larvae cannot get to the tops of taller plants, so the goats are less likely to eat them.


Unfortunately, this summer we didn’t get the fence around the back forty in a timely manner, and the small pasture my goats were on became overgrazed.  As a result, I’m dealing with worms in the goats.


At least they are in the Back Forty now, and it’s all ready for them to start fresh next summer.  I hopefully won’t be dealing with this next year.


It’s a good thing Marley can’t climb the fence or he’d be over there eating that whole mulberry bush!

Fionn, Marley, and Fowler

Of course, there is browsing and then there is extreme browsing!

Blaze seems to be taking it to the extreme.

Blaze and Bambi

Good thing goats are fleet of foot.

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