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Scenes From Pasture

19 Jul

Since I’m giving Pretzel bottles and she’s frequently in pasture,

Pretzel getting a bottle

I’m getting lots of nice walks out to see the goats.


Moose and Casey

Lemuel, 2TC, Purl, Dottie, Jack

the herd

Flora and Pretzel (Jack and Ivy on the stump behind)

2TC and Purl

Frodo and Rosie

Bambi, Zinnia, Jack and Ivy, Pretzel

Glover and Lemuel

It’s pretty nice out there.



18 Apr

My mom and I are still giving some of the kids bottles to help their moms.


Reva’s kids are doing pretty good, but they like their bottles.

Micah (in front) and Mia

Tara, Maisie’s littlest girl, looks really good.


Chiffon’s boys are doing okay, but not great.  Nestle will sometimes take a bottle.

Nestle (my dark chocolate boy)

Chiffon does a pretty good job of coming in and eating sweet feed, and Sonny joins her.  I’m trying to get them both to eat sweet feed.

Sonny and Nestle eating sweet feed

The most recent additions to getting bottles are Venus’s babies.  Rajah has truly decided he loves his bottles.  He even approached my mom, a total stranger, when he saw she had a bottle.

Rajah coming to see if I have a bottle

His brother, Abu, will take a bottle too.  He looks really good.


They are pretty easy, and they are all looking good.  It’s a good thing I had a really full freezer.

Oopsie Baby Reveal

11 Apr

When I went out to do my check on Pistol first thing this morning, I really had to look twice and really process the bag hanging out when I looked at her.  When it finally hit me that she’d had her kids, I rushed in.  Sadly, her little buck was dead, but she had another kid that was alive–a little girl.  She was horribly small also.

“Don’t take my picture. I just had kids.” -Pistol

I did the only thing I could, I called my mom to come be neonatal intensive care nurse while I went to work.  Bless my mom.  She came out without even making a cup of tea first and helped dry the baby off.

The baby girl was horribly weak, so she thawed out colostrum and gave her some little bottles.  By this evening she could stand up on her own, and she even managed to nurse her mom a little bit.

If you remember, I said that if the baby had wattles, it would belong to Colt; if it was polled, it would belong to Butter; if it had horns and no wattles, it could be either of the little boys or Fionn.

Butter, Colt and Astra

We have a winner!  Wattles!  She belongs to Colt.


She has been named Antigone.