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A Friday Photo Dump

8 Apr

My cats love these cardboard scratching boxes.  They sleep in them and scratch on them.

Bob Cat

Mr. Peacock is so handsome.

Unfortunately, none of the girls with him think he’s as handsome as I do.  He just keeps dancing though.

This is a strange thing for me to include, but I have to say how excited I am getting for my genealogy vacation with my mom.  We started out with the idea of taking a tent in case we couldn’t get a hotel, but now we are actually talking about camping two or three nights for the fun of it!  This air mattress is tall enough it shouldn’t be too hard for her to get out of.

The only place I could find to test it out was on my bed.

Rosie and Purl out in the pasture.

Rosie and Purl

It looks like Tiger is judging me.

I really am looking forward to some long walks in pasture as the weather improves and doing a lot of birdwatching this spring.


And I had a hairy woodpecker on the oak tree.

On the days we had warmth and sunshine, the kids absolutely loved being outside.  They are already experts at basking.


Ostara and Brigit

Here’s to a beautiful weekend!

Signs of Spring

27 Mar

We are cold this weekend.  And we have more crazy cold, warm, cold, rain-and-snow mix weather coming all week, so I am looking for spring wherever I can find it. Probably the most obvious proof that spring is here is eggs–my goose has started laying.

little too big for the carton

Bob is with me.  He wants to be outside.


He looks happy out there rolling in the sun, shielded from the wind by the house.

“If you’d quit bringing kittens home, I’d still be napping in the house.” -Bob

There are robins everywhere!  This one obviously did not want to be a model, but you can see there’s green in the grass as he/she was fluttering around.


Speaking of green, I can see green in the pasture!  Granted, I didn’t make it any closer because the wind was horrible and my face was freezing, so I went back to the house.

And Lemuel is eating every bit of green grass he can as soon as it is comes up in the pen. Hopefully, I can move them back to the front pasture soon.

Lemuel (keeping his eyes on me so that I don’t try to come any closer)

A cardinal!


Okay, the cardinal is not a sign of spring. They are here year-round, but he was way more cooperative than the robin, so I’m sharing him too.

Babies! Kids in pasture are a sure sign of spring.

Hera with her kids, Lady and Tramp

There’s also blue skies.  Although, again, the squirrel looks as cold as I felt.

squirrel eating last summer’s walnuts

But the sun is moving north, and the days are longer. I got out there too close to the real sunset to be able to get a good shot.  Dang.


I am so ready for real warmth and spring days.

Friday Photo Dump

25 Mar

These two Benji and Cupid girls are just so stinking cute!

Ostara and Brigit



Of course, all the kids are cute.

Hera with Tramp nursing; Lady, Spuds, Spunky and Bull in back


I think I forgot to mention that while I was home over spring break, Salem went to the vet and was fixed.


It did not slow him down at all.

Climbing the clothes in my closet

Sadly, I think Bob was in another fight.  His nose gives him away.

Bob Cat

My handsome Casey.


I hope you have a great weekend!