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Spring Means

20 Mar

With the rainy weather we’ve had this week, that means spring has sprung and brought us mud season.

Ava (Blaze and Reva behind her)

Yep.  It’s crazy muddy in the barnyard right now.

Gidget feeding Brutus and Bronc

But that also means that things are turning green.

Blaze and 2TC looking for green stuff to nibble on.

Kids have spent a lot of time in the greenhouse.

Addie (back) and Milo (front)

But they’ve also braved the mud and are even starting to play on the picnic table.

Onyx (on the bench), Addie (on top), Butterscotch and Cher(maybe) with Reva (back) and Cookie watching

Onyx is just too cute!

I’m hoping for a few days of dry to help the mud disappear.

Blaze and 2TC

4 Mar

Blaze and 2TC are doing well.

Blaze and 2TC

The reason Blaze was supposed to retire is because she had mastitis last year, and with her getting older, it seemed like a good time to retire.  Well, she’s got the mastitis back.

She’s on antibiotics and doing okay.  With just one kid, she’s keeping up with feeding 2TC yet.  I do have milk if she needs more to eat.

The weather was so nice over the weekend that I even opened the door to the buck room, so they could go outside.

I think they enjoyed it.

Oopsie Baby Number Two

27 Feb

Yesterday, I got a text from my mom telling me she thought Blaze was going to have her kids.  When I got home, she was definitely showing signs of labor.


In the evening, she had one adorable little girl.

Now, I was expecting two big bucks to name Deuce and Trace.  I couldn’t name this cutie patootie Deuce, but I need something to count my oopsie babies, so welcome 2TC (pronounce toot-see) to the farm.

Blaze and 2TC

Now I can sleep all night..for a few nights!