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A Dipstick

2 Aug

I am still going crazy trying to figure out a schedule with copper. I already shared Fionn and Betty Lou got a third round of copper making 6 grams since the end of March.  Fionn is better.  The diarrhea is gone.  He’s still completely anemic, but it takes time for the body to generate red blood cells.  He’s still critical.


Betty is better, but she completely anemic again.  They are both thin.  I really don’t know what to do.  Betty is already looking like she’s losing ground with the fur on her nose, and it was just getting grown back in.  They can’t seem to get caught up before they are declining again.

Betty Lou

Then I noticed Cupid has white spots.


She’s not supposed to have white spots.

November–just after she arrived at the farm

Just a couple of days ago

I’ve been checking everyone’s eyes to see where they are with anemia, and they are looking really bad.


It looks like I’m going to be giving everyone another round of copper.  The exception might be my girls who are getting milked because they are eating sweet feed twice a day, and it has a lot of copper in it. I’ll have to check each one for eye color and then decide with them, or they might get a smaller dose.

Cutie (itchy foot?)

I’m also seeing signs of deficiency in some of my March babies.  Most are holding their own, but a couple are really starting to look bad.  I’m not sure what to do with them.  Hopefully, most of the boys will get sold this weekend, and I’ll have to figure out something for the others.


Hopefully, Cupid gets her color back, and then I can use her as a kind of dipstick for when their copper is running out.

This is crazy.  I was told two grams every six months, and they should be good.  This will be six grams for everyone in just over four months.  I am still petrified of giving them too much and overdosing them, but I don’t know what else to do because they are still clearly lacking in copper.


Critical Copper

25 Jul

I keep trying to figure out the copper for the goats.  You know, they all had two rounds of copper between the end of March and the first of May.


Well, Betty Lou began losing her fur and was anemic.  She was just tired.

Betty Lou

I was at a loss.  I fear giving them too much copper, but I know the signs said to give her more.  I gave her a third two-gram capsule.  She almost immediately began to grow her hair back, and she is her old perky self again.  She’s still a little thin, but she is doing much better.  She also started on meds for a bit of arthritis in her back end that is noticable now that there’s a step into and out of the barn because of my scooping it out.

(Look at the difference in her eyes–her spark is back.)

Fionn was one who had lost his hair right before I gave the second round.  His hair is growing back.

goat buck

Fionn (from the end of April just before he started losing all his hair–see that bare nose)

But then the diarrhea came.  I wormed him for coccidia because with out long wet spring, that seemed likely.  His eye color was good, and I hoped that the meds would take care of it.  It didn’t help.

He continued to lose weight, and he has a (chronic) cough.  I wormed him for roundworms because his eyes were suddenly very pale, which can be an indication of worms.


It didn’t help.  Again, I fretted about giving him too much copper, but I gave him a third capsule.

I also got a fecal (which is not easy when you’re dealing with diarrhea) and the vet said it was fine.  She did recommend giving him Achieve, a probiotic protein paste.

I led him to the Love Shack because he needs to conserve energy.  He is weak enough that he stumbled three times on the short walk there.

His appetite is good, and I think the diarrhea is already better.  I will keep him in the Love Shack and continue giving him the protein/probiotic paste and lots of food.  Hopefully, the copper will kick in and he’ll be able to recover.

Lazy Days of Summer

12 Jul

I have been quite busy this summer, but everyone else around here seems to be taking it easy this summer.

Betty Lou











Must be nice!