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Check It Off

6 Nov

Last week, with my dad’s help, I managed to get another to-do item checked off my list.  Since I had to remove stuff from my bedroom for the windows to be replaced, I thought I should have help putting my bed back so I didn’t scratch up the newly finished floor.


Since he was here to help me put my bed back, we also took the time to hang the mirror over my dresser.

It only took eight months!   Rocky seems to enjoy being a mirror model.

I’m definitely happy with the results.  Although, this picture was before I cleaned the mirror (What was I thinking?).

Although, the mirror is straight and the floor is crooked.


The Project Continues

31 Mar

I am really making progress on the project of switching my library and bedroom.  I had furniture delivered this week.  I still need to replace the lamp that Rocky broke.  I’m thinking different curtains.

Rocky was quick to check everything out.  Luckily, he didn’t break anything this time.

He seems satisfied with it.

I love the way things are progressing!

I still have to clean my closet out from all the books stuffed in boxes–hopefully most will go up to the new library.  Sadly, I’m afraid that I’m going to find a lot of mouse damage.  That will get the laundry hamper and baskets out of the middle of the room.  Eventually, I’ll get Sky a nicer more comfortable bed.

Then I just need my dad to come help me hang the mirror.  It will be landscape orientation.

I don’t think I could have matched furniture to the mirror any better!

The Last 48 Hours: Part IV

17 Mar

In the couple of days before “the 48 hours” began, I had been busying myself with the flooring project.  You know–the one that would let me sleep downstairs instead of running up and down every time I got up in the night.  I am making progress. Thanks to my nephews, I no longer have the shelves sitting in my dining room and the old library.  It’s still a mess, but at least there are six fewer big pieces of furniture just sitting there.

I’ve cleaned out the rest of the soon-to-be bedroom, and even moved the bouquet.  I think it will be safe on top of the curio cabinet in the dining room.  It better be safe from the kitten up there.  I’ve also decided that since I’m doing all these changes, I should take down the old cobwebs and let the spiders start fresh too.

Really, I feel like I’ve just moved the mess up to my old bedroom (soon-to-be library).  I was living out of a couple of baskets and one drawer because the dressers have already been hauled out.  I can’t find anything!  I probably shouldn’t admit this publicly, but I actually lost my underwear.  Seriously.  I did laundry, and the underwear disappeared.  I think I somehow threw them out with the mismatched and holey socks.  I am so ready for this project to be completed.

But you can see it will have potential.  I still need to adjust and try to do some work with the shelves.  In my mind, when I’m done, the entire upstairs will be library.  Eventually, those floors will need to be refinished too.  At least they didn’t have carpet cemented to them.

I had the floor as ready as it could be going into spring break.  Of course, the carpter came half way through my baby-palooza marathon.  While I was trying to get Daisy to dry her baby off on Monday, I got the call to say he’d be here in the morning (Tuesday).  He probably thought I was crazy because I was literally whispering, trying not to upset Daisy anymore.

Luckily, the guy is quite adept and finding what he needed.  I saw him once with my broom when I ran in to get towels for kidding.  I noticed the smell of sawdust and sealer when I came in for something else (probably more towels).  By the end of the day, he’d made a lot of progress, and he would be back to put the final coat of sealer on in the morning.  (Going to jump out of my 48 hours to show you the finished floor.) I think it’s pretty darn impressive!  It really makes me want to have the trim and rest of the floors done too.  Sigh… maybe eventually.

In the meantime, I’ve ordered bedroom furniture to be delivered the week of March 19th.  I’m really excited!