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When It’s Cold

13 Jan

While I’m frantically trying to find ways to keep everyone safe and warm out in the barn, the ones in the house are pretty content.


Leo also likes napping on the register vent.

(right before he got his stitches out)

I got a new pillow to put at the end of my bed for the dog since I moved the one I had out to the back porch for him.  Rocky was the first to try it out.


Sky does fit on it!


He just has a hard time getting it to himself.

Sky and Bob

Sky and Leo

But they all look happy. Although, it really looked crowded when Sky, Bob and Leo were all three on it. Maybe I need to find a bigger one.

Clean Sheets

13 Dec

At the age of two-and-a-half years old, my little Bob cat discovered the joy of helping me make the bed.

Since my Crysta transitioned, we’ve had a testing of who gets to sleep with me.

Snickers puts my legs to sleep because he stretches down them.

Leo wants to sleep on my pillow and kicks me in the head.

I think Bob will be my bed buddy–making it and sleeping with me.