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My Mess

12 Aug

The mess around my place continues, but I think we’re making progress.  They’ve marked where the building will be to know where the electricity goes in.

backhoe DSC_5322 DSC_5323 DSC_5324

Today they are working on fixing the gas line, which is good.  I have tomatoes screaming to be canned.  They are also running a water line so I have water on that side for animals.  I’m too old to keep lifting five-gallon buckets over the fence.

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New Fence

26 Sep

Many years ago, I decided I needed to extend the fence across the barnyard to be able to shut animals off my little front pasture when it was still the only pasture I had.  I didn’t have anyone to help me, so I got creative and did it myself.  I used my garden claw to help dig the holes for the wooden posts, and I worked like crazy to get the metal posts in the ground.  Then I put panels up.  There was a metal gate in the middle that I could wire shut or stand open.  It wasn’t mounted on the post.  I think it did an amazing job for nearly ten years.  It was time to change it though.  Luckily, this time I had help!

Fence Repair

Fence Repair

Fence Repair

Fence Repair

Fence Replace

There was one post that gave us a really hard time.  We had to go through the remaining roots of a tree that fell several years ago.  The post is not quite straight anymore, but it works!

Fence Replace

There are several little girls that are just now going out to the big pasture for the first time!

goats going to pasture

They seem to be really enjoying it, and I’m a lot more comfortable with the little girls not being in the pasture with the bucks.

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Putting in the Fence

31 May

I was going to show you this last week, but I was distracted with everything going on.  My expert helpers put the fence in using the backhoe.  It’s really good for removing old posts.

It’s also what they used to put the new posts in.
You just want to trust your backhoe operator.

It’s a lot faster than the post driver, but they are a bit harder to get perfectly straight and at a uniform level.

Jeremy uses the feet of the hoe to make himself level and try to make the post straight.

It can be something of a challenge on my hills.

You really don’t want to see him sitting at an angle like this.  At least I don’t.  He seems to enjoy the challenge.

He’s pretty good at operating it, and uses the arm to push himself back onto a more level ground.

He’s across the ditch and ready to finish setting posts!

After the posts are in, you need to unroll the woven wire.

It was getting late in the day by the time they got this far.

I guess I’ll have to present the finished fence next week!

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