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Some of My April Fools

1 Apr

We have a lot of fools around here.


Antigone with Spunky and Spuds




Benji and Frodo basking; Lemuel snacking





Tiger (top and bottom views)

Tiger’s best side

If we still had Pistol it would be 4 generations; Instead it’s Dolly, her granddaughter Astra and great-granddaughter Perdita

Zinnia snacking on leftover hay


They do make me smile.

The Milk Room Door

30 Mar

This door gets a lot of use; I’m in and out between garage goats, milk room, soap room, and barnyard several times.  Some critters make it a bit more difficult than it should be.

Dolly, Haley and Aurora

I get it.  Dolly wants in to eat because I let her in to eat every day.  As hard as the last week’s weather has been on my new kids, it’s been just as hard on my old ones.  Dolly has had a hard time staying warm, so she needs the extra feed.


I’ve been feeding Aurora here every day all winter. It’s harder to do now that everyone else has noticed this and I’m not feeding the main herd to distract them.

Haley and Cinnamon both stand here and fight over the little bit of llama feed Aurora drops.  I sometimes have to actually fight Haley to keep her out of the pan. She can spill it or pull it away from Aurora so that she can eat it.

Haley and Cinnamon

Pretezl is usually there; Purl and Perdita are also frequently there begging; Maisie comes over; Pluts gets into the pushing match; all the milking girls think they should go in.  It gets so bad that sometimes I can’t even finish feeding Aurora her feed.

Astra and Perdita


And when Odie shows up, I just have to go in because it’s going to lead to spitting out all the food I’m trying to feed her (I still have a clump of spit on the garage wall from a previous spitting match).  And I don’t want to get caught in the middle of the spit-fest.


I get why else Haley and Cinnamon are there. They are retired milking girls; sometimes I do let them in for a bit of extra feed.  Sometimes, Haley is standing there and when I come out with my meds for her and Bambi.

Sometimes, I have to go hunt them down.


Bambi has never been so sweet as since I’ve started giving her the meloxicam.

Haley will come on the run for her meds.


Then, when all the action at the milk room has settled down, I’m letting Reva in.  The weather has been really hard on her.


She doesn’t have the strength to fight through other goats to get the hay I’ve fed during the rain.  When it’s not raining, I can spread it out to make sure everyone gets some, but it’s hard to do when I’m confined to the buildings.

Spring Care

24 Mar

Spring means it’s time to catch up on hoof care.

freshly trimmed hooves

Everyone looked really good going into winter with the exception of Reva.  I think her hoof was messed up because of the copper deficiency.  I know I blame everything on copper, but even the bag of goat feed says it has copper for fur and hoof health.  She was one of the first ones I got in, and with the soft soggy ground, it. made it easy to trim, and it actually trimmed up better than it’s looked in months.  That is good.  Good feet will put less stress on her swollen knees.


I also have to do my Sam girls.  For some reason his girls all seem to have hooves that grow twice as fast as everyone else.


At least they are my milking girls, so they are easy to get in and work on.


I also made sure to get Haley done right away because of her ankle issues.


I swear, I have way too many goats with special needs.  As we have warm weather, I can keep going until I have everyone done.

Pretzel, Rosie, and Cinnamon (Reva behind)

Then it will be time to start over again!