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A Surprise from Aphrodite

11 Jun

I told you Aphrodite was due to have her kid either June 10th or June 30th.  Well, I’ve been checking her closely because she was really looking close.


Last night, I called the entire herd up (which was way more work than it ought to have been), and I shut her in the Love Shack.  It wasn’t long before I grabbed towels and my phone and went out.  I was trying to be patient because I had just checked her and she was doing nothing.  But then I saw a foot, and realized I really needed to get the kid out right now.  I got the foot and found the second foot. Then I felt a mouth, so I tried working to open her up a bit more and pulling, but he was not coming, so I finally pulled harder and eventually he came down into the birth canal. I still had to get that outside skin over his head, but finally, he flopped out–none too lively by this time.

The second he plopped, I immediately had the thought that this was no Zeus baby.  I was expecting tan with a few spots.  This was obviously an Anubis baby.  That was a huge surprise!  Luckily, he sputtered and coughed and was soon doing fine.  He still has a rattle in his lungs, but I’ve treated him, and he should completely recover.

He has his daddy’s black and white splotches.

He has mama’s wattles.

That nose and mouth is definitely from Grandmaa Dolly.

What an adorable little guy!  Meet Archie!

Farewell to Move Goats

8 Feb

I said good-bye to Zeus and Anubis this morning.

Aphrodite watching Anubis and Zeus

I had only planned on keeping them a year, and they made it through two breeding seasons, but I still hate to see them go. If you look behind them, you can see why I had to sell them now.

The Love Shack is crowded with that many goats.  I’m going to move them and a couple other old (wimpy Antigone) goats in there.

Maggie, Cookie, Harley, Margarita and Chiffon and Marge

Cookie and Maggie are going to be long term needing extra care (and protection from other goats)

Maggie and Cookie

I’m probably going to kick Chiffon and Marge out into the main herd.  They’ve been slipping out anyhow and playing with everyone else.

Chiffon and Marge

They also come in and get extra sweet feed with Venus and Moira.

Moira (back) and Venus

Once I get them moved, I can move Maisie and Uno to the Love Shack.

Maisie and Uno

I caught Hilda picking on the boy this morning. That snow on his coat is from Hilda dumping him into the snow.  Brat.

Uno and Hilda

That will open up the garage because it won’t be long until I have spring break babies.

Penelope and Annie

Then I can see if Zeus and Annie gave me a beautiful little black and white spotted baby girl.


5 Feb

I wanted to sell Zeus and Anubis this past weekend, but everyone was busy.  My original plan was to wait and sell them next summer after I see what babies I got from them and people would be looking for new bucks for the fall.

Aphrodite watching Anubis and Zeus play fight when it was nice weather.

Unfortunately, I have to get rid of them right away because I really need the greenhouse.  I need to move my old ladies into it.  Sadly, I need more space for old ladies than the Love Shack provides, and I need to get non-kidding goats out of my garage.

Chiffon, Maggie, Marge, Cookie, Harley, and Margarita (standing)

If Zeus would not jump fences and stay where I put him, I’d wait until summer.

I’m not sure I want to even try moving him to see if he’ll stay in place though, so they will get sold as soon as I can get someone to help me tag and load them.