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The Zero Hour

11 Nov

I have participated in Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday since the last week of July, 2010.  I’ve not missed a single week.  Even when life was crazy hectic and overwhelming, I’ve managed (rather obsessively) to participate.  I’ve not done a great job of visiting other participants recently, but I just had to continue through the alphabet despite the craziness of starting the pumpkin patch.

Storms 2ew

Our dear hostess, Jenny, has shared that she cannot continue due to health issues.  I feel so bad for someone as nice as Jenny dealing with chronic pain.  I do sincerely hope she finds some relief.

Storms 1ew

So we are at the zero hour, a momentus change.  After participating in the Rainbow Summer school and ten rounds of Alphabe-Thursday, I don’t know if I can quit.  I really do have a problem.  Thanks Jenny for such a great meme.

As an aside, you might have guessed from the pictures that we had some rain today.  We had severe storms with quite a few tornadoes across the state.  I’m happy to say that all of us at Eden Hills are safe.


4 Apr

I have a lot of tulips blooming right now!

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The Round Bale Arrives

28 Mar

I’m entering all new territory with the goats.  I can’t let them out to pasture until the fence is replaced on the south border, and that won’t happen until May.  I don’t have many square bales of hay left, so I’m bringing in the big round bale.

Well, my sweet nephews brought it and set it up last night.  We put cattle panels around the bale and removed the plastic sheeting.  The goats (and llama) were quick to test it out.

sisters Harley and Haley; Maggie to the right

It seems to have met with approval.

Muffin and daughter Jelly

In typical goat fashion, however, some goats have to try and dig in as far as possible to find that most tasty morsel.


Silly miss Sallie had her head stuck this morning.  It’s a lot easier to get the horns in rather than out.  Later, she was more civilized and eating from the edge of the hay.  Others seem to think the farther up the better tasting it must be.

Jelly standing up


Vinnie and Victoria were stretching as far as they could.

Muffin and Jelly; Victoria and Vinnie

Each day, I’ll check to see if I need to tighten the panels around the hay.  I don’t want them to think they have to put those heads all the way through.

Having a mid-morning snack

I really hope this is successful for feeding the goats until they can get out in the pasture.  I’m not sure how long one bale will last, but we have two more that they can also eat before I’m just out of food for them.


Heck, if it works, this might be the way to go for next winter because round bales are a lot less labor intensive to make.  Has anyone out there tried using round bales for goats?

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