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Crazy Birds

24 May

I have a couple of birds with crazy ideas.  One of my hens has decided to be a free-range chicken.  That’s all fine and dandy until she decides to go into the yard. I’m pretty sure Sky would like to play with her. I’m also pretty sure, she would make a tasty treat for him.  So far, she’s stuck to the barnyard.

Widow Goose has decided to sit on a nest and hatch eggs.

Widow Goose

I worked hard to fish all her eggs out from under the pen where Mama Phoenix is and get rid of them.

Mama Phoenix

It didn’t stop her.  She’s now sitting on a nest beside the pen.  I don’t even know if she has an egg in it now.  I tried telling her that she hasn’t been near a gander in  months and nothing will come of sitting on those eggs, but she doesn’t care.

In case you didn’t figure it out, Mama Phoenix is still eating and doing well.  Don’t ask me how.

Again, I have no reason to share the peacocks, but they are handsome.



In the Bird Pen

29 Jul

With the three naughty roosters, by birds were horribly negelcted.  I’ve been working on cleaning in there too, but I still have the goose sitting, and I don’t know when she’ll be off the nest.  I just hope she hatches a couple.  I don’t want to disturb her, so it’s pretty minimal cleaning right now.

I mentioned we are still having great weather.  That’s helped the gander feel better.  He was not doing well at all in the heat.

It seems a bit early, but the peacocks are molting.  Every time I go in there, I pick up tail feathers.

Soon, I won’t be able to tell who is dad and who is baby.

I’m also happy to say that Nugget is still a nice rooster.

That makes me happy!


Gorgeous Weather Weekend

30 Jan

We have a perfect weather weekend!  It’s sunny and not windy.  The temperatures are warm.  Everyone was enjoying the weather, including me!


SOOC fields

It also means Helen’s arthritis isn’t bothering as much.  She was actually lying down sleeping quite soundly when I got home yesterday.

SOOC Helen Osboer

SOOC Helen Osboer

Today she’s been dead to the world!  So glad she’s finally getting some good rest.

SOOC Hilda and Helen

SOOC Hilda and Helen

The geese were stretching.

SOOC African goose

SOOC African goose

The goats were basking and just enjoying being out.  Actually, they turned crazy and have been beating up gates and fences and each other and generally driving me crazy.  I am happy to report that so far all the goats are doing well after getting into the grain in the barn.

Bud Osboer

Bud Osboer

I’ve seen a couple with diarrhea, which means they got too much at once, but they are still passing it, so that’s a good thing.  I’ll be confident they are all fine in another day.

Flower Osboer

Flower Osboer

With the wonderful weather, even the common sparrows are beautiful.



We’re enjoying the weather this weekend because we’re supposed to get a winter storm and turn cold again by Tuesday.  Hope you all have a great weekend.

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