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Winding Down

18 Oct

Milking is really winding down.  I’m just milking Cutie and Zinnia now.

Zinnie wondering what’s taking so long to let her in

I’m getting a little over a quart a day.  It’s not enough to make any big batches of cheese or anything, so I’m freezing pint bags for Snickers and me.

morning milking

I have also been making lotion.  I am fully stocked with eleven fragrances.

Crisp Apple Rose and Southern Peach are new scents.

So far, I’ve also made fifteen batches of soap this fall.  Crisp Apple Rose is a new soap scent too.  I really like it.

I don’t think I’ve shared the link to my website in ages, so if you are interested in trying our soaps or lotions, you can click HERE.

Inspector Snickers

3 Sep

We still have a lot of painting and varnishing going on around my garage.



I don’t think I already shared my chalkboard Yahtzee scorecard sandwich board now that it’s finished.  I am quite pleased with how it turned out.  The back side is the same, so we can have two games going at one time.

Yahtzee 4793ews

Snickers is still inspecting things.


Sometimes a bit too closely.

cat paw print_5122ews

cat paw_5121ews

Sadly, he didn’t inspect the news blurb in the local newspaper.  It has the wrong opening date for the pumpkin patch.  Hopefully people check the website for the hours and realize we are not really opening this week.  I also took to Facebook to try to correct the issue.

pumpkin sunset_7272e ad w

I can’t believe it’s two weeks from today that we open!  There’s still so much left to do!

Advertising and Public Service Announcement

21 Nov

This is a public service announcement as we go into the holiday shopping season.  Some people enter into a blissful state when they get to grab their credit cards and debit card and checkbook and cash and head for the stores to part with their hard earned money.  Me~I’d rather have all my teeth pulled without anesthesia and then eat beef jerky.  I’ve decided this year that I want to try and do all my shopping through bloggy and Facebook friends.

Of course, I have my sites where I sell my wares as well.

Eden Hills Market

In my on-line market I have a pretty good variety of goat’s milk soaps.  You can order my 2013 calendar or lease a goat (you know somebody that loves goats but just can’t have them.  This is a perfect way to give them a goat).  Dreamcatchers, earrings, and Christmas ornaments.


My Zazzle Shop

Marigold and the Goatmother buttons, mugs and t-shirts can be found in my zazzle shop. The profit on any Marigold item goes to cancer research.

There are also Eden Hills mugs and t-shirts and a variety of items with my photography.


I’ve made a new page on the blog where I’m putting links to my friend’s shops, called SHOPPING.  What I’ve discovered is that it isn’t always easy to find those things.  I know I’ve seen So-and-so post their new Etsy item on Facebook, but I can’t find that post on their page.  I go to their blog (if they have one), and I can’t find a link.  This is starting to be a bit more difficult than I had first anticipated.

If you think you’re friends with me (you probably are), let me know if I’ve missed your shop.  I might not have gotten to you yet, but it’s best to remind me.  If I’ve used a picture to link to your shop, and you don’t like it or would like me to edit the description I’ve put on there, let me know.  I hope I can keep this and make a nice and growing shopping page for our bloggy friends.

Linking to Alphabe-Thursday.