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Taking Inventory

11 Aug

With the goats going out on the back half of the Back Forty, I need to make sure I take inventory every evening (and pay attention all day) to make sure nobody is stuck in that back fence.  It’s not easy to keep track.

I have thirty  kids who were born over spring break.  But six of them are weaned up north with Maisie.

And Gilbert is with the bucks on the front pasture.


That  means I have twenty-three spring break kids to keep track of.


I also have eleven June kids to count.

Pretzel got separated and was looking for everyone else

But it’s getting hard.  Some of the spring break kids are tiny Xerxes babies who are almost as small as the June babies. And some of the June kids are getting big.

Glover by Coral and Trace

Some are also big.  They are as big as my yearling girls.

Tippy (also a Xerxes baby)

Then they don’t always hang out with their maa or siblings.

Zinnia and Ivy but Jack is nowhere to be seen

And Cutie is always off by herself with her two girls, so I tend not to find them to count.

Cutie with Sylvia and Simone

I swear to you, from a distance I can never tell if I’m seeing Rajah or 2TC.

Rajah (in front of Pretzel)

2TC has another patch on the back end.

It is definitely a challenge.

Scenes From Pasture

19 Jul

Since I’m giving Pretzel bottles and she’s frequently in pasture,

Pretzel getting a bottle

I’m getting lots of nice walks out to see the goats.


Moose and Casey

Lemuel, 2TC, Purl, Dottie, Jack

the herd

Flora and Pretzel (Jack and Ivy on the stump behind)

2TC and Purl

Frodo and Rosie

Bambi, Zinnia, Jack and Ivy, Pretzel

Glover and Lemuel

It’s pretty nice out there.


Goat Pics

28 Jun

Here’s just a few pictures from the last week or so.  I started this post a while back, but we keep having more things happen and I push it back.

2TC is queen of the picnic table

Beautiful Bambi


Tansy and Sunshine


I think Purl is ignoring the fact that she’s no longer her maa’s baby.

Sidney’s boy, Thunder



Wanda scratching her neck

Haley is still doing well (and the white bandage just looks like another sock)

Joani’s boy, Glover

These goats might drive me crazy, but I do adore them.