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The Cows in the Cornfield

5 Nov

Before I begin, I must say that I am without my trusty camera.  I’ve sent it off to have a thorough cleaning.  Something about taking so many pictures in the barn and pasture just requires a good cleaning occasionally.

Saturday before my dear friend left, I decided to have a farewell photo session around the farm.  It started in the morning as I was leaving the farm.  I noticed the cows in the broken mirror of the truck.

When I got back, I went for a walk to check on them a bit closer.  I found MJ.

He was clear back by the edge of my property.  The tiny little tree is growing in the fencerow.  The barn in the background is for the neighbor’s cattle.

I found Maxine walking across the field.

She was headed for their barn.

I’m thinking it would have been really nice of me to cut those tall weeds down for them.  At least I gave them a nice shelter without the cranky llama.  I’m really going to miss my camera for the next 2 – 4 weeks, but using my old one will certainly help me remember how much I love my Nikon D3100.

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27 Oct

With the rain and cooler weather, we’ve seen some toadstools!

These are interesting, but not exactly where I’d like to find them.


Here are some outdoors fungi.

The shelf fungi out in pasture are still looking okay.



I’m guessing they will be done soon though with our cooler weather.

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Fuzzy Goats

6 Oct

We went from 80 degrees to 50 degrees in about two days.  It’s really starting to feel like fall, and I must say, some of my June babies are really starting to get fuzzy!



Mary and Kizzy


Doe behind Vixen

Some of the older goats are also looking fuzzy.



Then there’s Betty Lou and her girls.

Midge, Skipper and Betty Lou

Betty Lou noticed I had something in my hands besides the camera.

Midge, Skipper and Betty Lou

Betty Lou

Betty Lou gets a little crazy for maple leaves.

Betty Lou and Stormy

Evidentially Stormy does too.  It does make it a little hard to take their pictures though.



They are so cute when they get those fuzzy winter coats.

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