Festive Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The theme for You Capture this week is festive.  Scavenger Hunt Sunday topics these week are Joy, Tangled, Silver, Guilty Pleasure, and Angel.  I had a lot of fun doing this week’s hunt, and I hope you enjoy it too.

Joy:  My goats are really my joy!  We had fun making festive goats this week.



She didn’t mind wearing the holly wreath, but she really wanted to see it.

holly goat collage

Clockwise from top: Haley, Myson, Coral with Haley and Clover, and Coral

Tangled:  Poor Casey doesn’t have horns, so he got tangled up in the wreath.



Angel:  Haley does have her angelic moments. Other times…



Silver:  I have this silver snowman ornament.

silver snowman ornament

I thought it was interesting how it looked blue when it was only backlit by the tree lights.

snowman collage

Guilty Pleasure:  I’m not sure I have any really guilty pleasures.  Maybe dressing goats up for the holidays.

Goat in holly wreath

Or it could be making and enjoying Christmas candy.

chow mein cookies

I made these Chow Mein cookies today.

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Holiday Scavenger Hunt

This week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday finds are Sparkly, Door, Decorate, Stripes and A Few of My Favorite Things.

Sparkly:  I’ve had a lot of fun playing with decorations and lights this last week.  There’s nothing like playing with Christmas ornaments and lights to get into the spirit of the season.

Sprarkly Christmas Decoration

Door:  This was the hardest picture for me this week.  It’s hard to make a door interesting.  I do like the wreath though.  I made it last year.

wreath on door

Decorate:  I don’t really decorate much for the holidays, but I did get a little miniature tree and put some of my soap boxes under it for effect.

Christms Tree

Christmas Collage

Stripes:  Candy canes are self-explanatory for this one, but I actually bought them for the goats.  Hopefully I’ll get to share how they liked them soon.

candy canes

A Few of My Favorite Things:  animals, photography, sharing, blogging.  I think all of my pictures would fit for this one.  Leah is always begging for attention.  This little photo shoot might have changed her mind.



Be sure to visit Ashley for more Scavenger Hunt Sunday posts.  The theme for You Capture this week is happy.   I hope these all put a smile on your face.  I know I was happy taking and editing them.  I’m also linking to Macro MondayMosaic Monday and Homestead Barn Hop.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’ve never done Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday on my farm blog before, but it really seemed to be a good summary of my week.

Season:  I shared that my Christmas cactus was getting ready to bloom.  Well, one blossom opened, and there are more new little blooms starting!

Christmas cactus blossom

Colorful:  We went to two craft sales this weekend.  I spent quite a bit of time making Christmas boxes.

soap in Christmas box

There was a lot of color at the market!

market collage

Weather:  We’ve finally had a bit more moisture and clouds.  The sun struggled to shine through this last week, and we’ve even had a bit of rain and snow.  The sun’s light was trying to break through.

sun in overcast sky

Finally we started getting rain last night, which then turned to snow.  It’s been such a long time since we’ve had snow!  It really started to make it seem like Christmas.

Weather Collage w

I might be one of the blobs in the middle of the reflection.

Christmas ornament

Silhouette:  I admit this was from last weekend, but we’ve had enough frosty weather to finally kill off all the flowers.  This is the silhouette of the asters one evening.  I did manage to capture the light from the sun too!

silhouette of dead asters

Calm:  It’s another one of Bob.  He’s really beyond calm, almost catatonic.

cat in Santa hat

This has pretty much been my week~animals and soaping and hoping for rain.

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